Books Release Date Calendar

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“Big Five” Book Publishers

Books Release Date Calendar

However, we start by presenting the largest publishers of books, often referred to as the ‘Big Five’. Here are the five biggest book publishers in the worlds:

1. Penguin Random House

Books Release Date Calendar

This is the largest global trade book publisher, formed from the merger of Penguin and Random House. It publishes a wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles.

2. Hachette Livre

"Big Five" Book Publishers

A French publisher, Hachette Livre is part of the Lagardère Group. It’s known for publishing a wide array of bestsellers and high-quality literature.

3. HarperCollins

big five book publishers

An American publishing company, HarperCollins is a subsidiary of News Corp. It has a broad catalogue, including both commercial and literary fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books.

4. Macmillan Publishers

"Big Five" Book Publishers

Owned by the German company Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, Macmillan is known for its high-quality academic, scientific, fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books.

5. Simon & Schuster

"Big Five" Book Publishers

An American publishing company now owned by Paramount Global. It publishes a wide range of genres, including adult and children’s fiction and non-fiction, and is also known for its strong list of political and celebrity memoirs.

These publishers dominate the book publishing industry, known for their extensive catalogues, their influence in the market, and their ability to attract top authors.

December 2023 Book Releases

BookAuthorGenreRelease Date
Pirate Plunder BlunderBehling, SteveGFDec-12-2023
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Loves YOU!Carle, EricGFDec-12-2023
Tomb Raider King, Vol. 5SAN.GGNDec-12-2023
On the Way to UsBrown, CarolynCRDec-12-2023
Where There’s SmokeVickers, E.B.MDec-12-2023
Cross-Dressing Villainess Cecilia Sylvie, Vol. 5 (manga)Akizakura, HiroroFDec-12-2023
Seven Minutes in CandylandWasson, BrianCRDec-12-2023
Ishura, Vol. 5KeisoFDec-12-2023
Sabrina Sue Loves the MoonBurris, PriscillaGFDec-12-2023
The Horizon, Vol. 3J.H.GNDec-12-2023
Yowamushi Pedal, Vol. 24Watanabe, WataruFDec-12-2023
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Vol. 17 (light novel)FuseFDec-12-2023
My Mate Is a Feline Gentleman: UK Arc OverAsanae, ArataFDec-12-2023
SPIDEY: FRESHMAN YEARThompson, RobbieGNDec-12-2023
Doggy KissesParr, ToddGFDec-12-2023
Glitch, Vol. 2Shima, ShinyaFDec-12-2023
Parker’s Big FeelingsCurry, ParkerGFDec-12-2023
My Poison Princess Is Still Cute, Vol. 1Sakutake, ChihiroFDec-12-2023
Death in the Dark WoodsRyan, AnnelisePPDec-12-2023
Cyanide and SensibilityOliver, KatieCZDec-12-2023
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Memoria Freese, Vol. 2Omori, FujinoFDec-12-2023
I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in the Real World, Too, Vol. 4 (light novel)MikuFDec-12-2023
Bumblebee’s Big MissionMichaels, PattyGFDec-12-2023
Big Bub, Small CarHeim, AlastairGFDec-12-2023
Shy, Vol. 5Miki, BukimiFDec-12-2023
SuzumeShinkai, MakotoCRDec-12-2023
The Illustrated Guide to Monster Girls, Vol. 2Akeko, SuzuFDec-12-2023
I Am Happy!Rosen, Michael J.GFDec-12-2023
Spider-Man: Great Power, Great Mayhem (e)Marvel VariousGNDec-13-2023
Saved by the Lawman (e)Daley, MargaretCHDec-18-2023
Saved by the SEAL (e)Sleeman, SusanCHDec-18-2023
Henry Heckelbeck Makes Super SlimeCoven, WandaFDec-19-2023
WonkaDahl, RoaldGFDec-19-2023
Disney Wish(e)Shang, Wendy Wan-LongGFDec-19-2023
Marvel Masterworks: The Amazing Spider-Man, Volume 25Marvel Book GroupGNDec-19-2023
SPIDER-MANMarvel Book GroupGFDec-19-2023
Adventures in Dino-SittingDisney Book GroupGFDec-19-2023
One Horn to Rule Them AllBerne, Emma CarlsonFDec-19-2023
Your Voice, Your VoteHenderson, LeahGFDec-19-2023
Loki: Journey Into MysteryLocke, KatherineSFDec-19-2023
Witch of Thistle Castle Vol.2Tarachine, JohnFDec-19-2023
Michael Moorcock’s Elric Vol. 3: The White Wolf Deluxe EditionMoorcock, MichaelGNDec-19-2023
LOKIMarvel Book GroupGNDec-19-2023
Happy Valentine’s Day, Corduroy!Wheeler, JodyGFDec-19-2023
Ms Tree: Heroine WithdrawlCollins, Max AllanGNDec-19-2023
DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSEMarvel Book GroupGNDec-19-2023
Heartstopper Volume FiveOseman, AliceGNDec-19-2023
The Great Yokai War: Guardians Vol. 1Watanabe, YusukeFDec-19-2023
Good Night, Cuddle TightValiant, KristiGFDec-19-2023
The Doom of OdinOden, ScottFDec-19-2023
Star Wars: YodaHouser, JodyGNDec-19-2023
Bunny with a Big HeartSadler, MarilynGFDec-19-2023
Broklen VowLark, SophieCRDec-19-2023
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol. 25 (e)Defalco, TomGNDec-20-2023
Death Of The Venomverse(e)Bunn, CullenGNDec-20-2023
Loki: The Liar (e)Watters, DanGNDec-20-2023
LunarTaleHong, StellaGFDec-21-2023
Better Than RevengeAdler, ElizabethTDec-25-2023
Wrangling a FamilyDouglass, KathyCRDec-26-2023
Saving the Single Dad’s BookstoreLam, NicoleCRDec-26-2023
Under the Cover of DarknessRichards, K.D.RSDec-26-2023
Tracking Stolen TreasuresPhillips, LisaRSDec-26-2023
Flubby Does Not Like Valentine’s DayMorris, J.E.GFDec-26-2023
On the Plus SideHowe, Jenny L.CRDec-26-2023
Claimed by the Crown PrinceGreen, AbbyCRDec-26-2023
FamiliaRico, Lauren E.GFDec-26-2023
The Texan’s Secrets (e)Dunlop, BarbaraCRDec-26-2023
Deep Fried DeathDay, MaddieCZDec-26-2023
Piggy: HuntCrawford, TerranceMDec-26-2023
Love GrowsSpiro, RuthGFDec-26-2023
Two Dead WivesParks, AdeleTDec-26-2023
A Detective’s Deadly SecretsStewart, Anna J.RSDec-26-2023
Public Anchovy #1Quigley, MindyCZDec-26-2023
The Airman’s HomecomingYork, SabrinaCRDec-26-2023
The Guardian AgreementBeatty, LorraineCRDec-26-2023
Point of DisappearanceEricson, CarolRSDec-26-2023
Rock BottomMichaels, FernRSDec-26-2023
The First Day of EternityWest, Charles G.HDec-26-2023
Least Likely to Win a DukeMurdoch, EmilyHRDec-26-2023
Dangerous Ranch ThreatKirst, KarenRSDec-26-2023
Marvel Masterworks: Marvel Team-Up Vol. 7Marvel Book GroupGNDec-26-2023
Who Was Shirley Chisholm?Kaiser, LisbethGFDec-26-2023
Paternity Payback (e)Sasson, SophiaCRDec-26-2023
Redemption in Amish CountryLiggett, CathyGFDec-26-2023
Underwater MissionWhitehill, SimchaGFDec-26-2023
Rebel MoonCastro, V.SFDec-26-2023
Carl Weber’s KingpinsZari, ViewGFDec-26-2023
The Paris HousekeeperRyan, ReneeHDec-26-2023
Ruthless VowsRoss, RebeccaFDec-26-2023
Home from the StormBlount, LaurelGFDec-26-2023
For the Sake of Her SonsPleiter, AllieCRDec-26-2023
The Secret of Shutter LakeStevens, AmandaRSDec-26-2023
A Marquis to Protect the GovernessCole, Parker J.HRDec-26-2023
Snowbound with the Irresistible SicilianBlake, MayaCRDec-26-2023
STORMNocenti, AnnGNDec-26-2023
LuceroMotayne, MayaFDec-26-2023
Killers Never SleepJohnstone, William W.; Johnstone, J.A.HDec-26-2023
You’re the Duke That I WantBell, LenoraHRDec-26-2023
Janae Sanders’ Second Time AroundLaquetteCRDec-26-2023
Player AttackWolf, WinstonGFDec-26-2023
What Waits in the WoodsParlato, TerriTDec-26-2023
The Boys in the ClubPope, MondellCHDec-26-2023
Overnight Inheritance(e)Bailey, RachelCRDec-26-2023
DoubleZari, LifeGFDec-26-2023
In Bed with Her Billionaire BodyguardRoscoe, PippaCRDec-26-2023
Montana Witness ChaseDunn, SharonRSDec-26-2023
Finding Their Way BackMindel, JennaCRDec-26-2023
Unsolved Bayou MurderCassidy, CarlaRSDec-26-2023
River StrongDaniels, B.J.CRDec-26-2023
An Uptown Girl’s CowboySummers, SashaCRDec-26-2023
The Vacation HouseShemilt, JaneTDec-26-2023
Watchers of the NightParris, CharleneRSDec-26-2023
A Wedding to Stop a ScandalHeath, VirginiaHRDec-26-2023
A Nine-Month Deal with Her HusbandWood, JossCRDec-26-2023
Marvel Anniversary TributesWein, LenGNDec-26-2023
Coconut Drop DeadMatthews, OliviaCZDec-26-2023
Frequent FliersKirwan, NoueCRDec-26-2023
The Secret of the Lady’s MaidWilde, DarcieHMDec-26-2023
Their Accidental HoneymoonShroff, Mona D.CRDec-26-2023
Stranded with the Runaway Bride (e)Lindsay, YvonneCRDec-26-2023
Stitch’s ValentineMcCanna, TimGFDec-26-2023
Undoing His Innocent EnemyRice, HeidiCRDec-26-2023
Conan: The Child (e)Anderson, Brian D.FDec-26-2023
Undercover Baby RescueBlack, Maggie K.RSDec-26-2023
Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Official Movie NovelizationCawthon, Scott; Breed-Wrisley, KiraHORRDec-26-2023
I Love My Sister with The Very Hungry CaterpillarCarle, EricGFDec-26-2023
Her Scandalous Amish SecretMcClay, JocelynCRDec-26-2023
Cold Case KidnappingHelm, NicoleRSDec-26-2023
The Marine’s Deadly ReunionEidson, LorettaCHDec-26-2023
Every Black Girl DancesJohnson, Candice Y.GFDec-26-2023
Snowed In with the VikingMorris, LucyHRDec-26-2023
The Poetry of Ran Vol.1Osawa, YusukeFDec-26-2023
The Fearless OneFoster, LoriGFDec-26-2023
One Forbidden Night in ParadiseFuller, LouiseCRDec-26-2023
I Love You Even When You’re Crabby!Magsamen, SandraGFDec-26-2023
Hunted in the MountainsEllis, AddieRSDec-26-2023
Amish Love LettersGray, Shelley ShepardCHDec-26-2023
Say It Like You Mean ItAlers, RochelleCRDec-26-2023
Claudia and the Bad JokeNopra, ArleyGNDec-26-2023
Winter Turning: A Graphic NovelSutherland, Tui T.FDec-26-2023
An Heir Made in HawaiiGrayson, EmmyCRDec-26-2023
Bonfire NightBliss, AnnaHDec-26-2023
Falling for the EnemyGarbera, KatherineCRDec-26-2023
An Amish Mother for His ChildJohns, PatriciaCRDec-26-2023
Vigilante JusticeThomas, JacquelinCHDec-26-2023
Small-Girl Toni and the Quest for GoldAnatol, GiselleGFDec-26-2023
Danger on the RiverQuinn, Tara TaylorRSDec-26-2023
Lord Lambourne’s Forbidden DebutanteAshford, LucyHRDec-26-2023
Doctor Who: Doom’s DayHouser, JodyGNDec-26-2023
Bound by Her Baby RevelationWilliams, CathyCRDec-26-2023
I Love My Brother with The Very Hungry CaterpillarCarle, EricGFDec-26-2023
Sharp EvidenceMiller, JulieRSDec-26-2023
Happily Ever AlaskaGriffin, PatienceCRDec-26-2023
Buried Grave SecretsTurner, Darlene L.RSDec-26-2023
Fun and GamesBurnell, Heather AyrisGFDec-26-2023
Preacher’s Bloody RampageJohnstone, William W.; Johnstone, J.A.HDec-26-2023
A Temporary Texas ArrangementThacker, Cathy GillenCRDec-26-2023
The Inflatables in Snack to the FutureGarrod, BethGFDec-26-2023
A Motive for MurderGlenn, RoyGFDec-26-2023
That’s Not My NameLally, MeganMDec-26-2023
Irish Milkshake MurderO’Connor, CarlenePPDec-26-2023
Miami Marriage PactGonzalez, NadineCRDec-26-2023
Eva for PresidentElliott, RebeccaGFDec-26-2023
Second Duke’s the CharmBateman, KateHRDec-26-2023
An Inconvenient EarlLondon, JuliaHRDec-26-2023
Super Game Book!Flintham, ThomasGFDec-26-2023
Colton’s Yuletide ManhuntCross, KacyRSDec-26-2023
Liaison with the Champagne CountScott, BronwynHRDec-26-2023
Storm: Blowback (e)Nocenti, AnnGNDec-27-2023
Marvel Team-Up Masterworks Vol. 7 (e)Claremont, ChrisGNDec-27-2023
Astonishing X-Men: Gifted Marvel Select HCWhedon, JossGNDec-31-2023
Doctor Strange, Surgeon Supreme Vol. 2Waid, MarkGNDec-31-2023
Robert E. Howard’s Dark Agnes: La Danse MacabreMarvel Book GroupGNDec-31-2023
Non-Stop Spider-Man Vol. 2Marvel Book GroupGNDec-31-2023

January 2024 Book Releases

BookAuthorGenreRelease Date
Theodore I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Liam I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Jason and the ArgonautsPeters, StephanieGFJan-01-2024
Battle of the TitansPeters, StephanieGFJan-01-2024
When the Waters Came (e)Patterson, Candice SueCHJan-01-2024
Ella I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Sofia I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Gianna I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Isabella I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
James I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Benjamin I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Ethan I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Elijah I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Charlotte I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Logan I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Emma I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Olivia I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Lucas I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Every Bunny FartsJones, Christianne C.GFJan-01-2024
Jack I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Could You Survive Monster Hunting?Terrell, BrandonGFJan-01-2024
Granddaughter I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Emily I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Alexander I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Eleanor I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Levi I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Harper I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Avery I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Amelia I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Fairy Tale Favorites, Vol. 1Biermann, ReneeGFJan-01-2024
Wyatt I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Jackson I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Jayden I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Aiden I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Henry I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Ava I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Carter I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Luna I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Scarlett I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Asher I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Leo I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Sebastian I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
William I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Oliver I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Fill-in-Blank I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Sophia I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Madison I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Grayson I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Ellie I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Riley I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Evelyn I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Noah I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
The Day the Waters RagedPatterson, Candice SueCHJan-01-2024
Lily I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Abigail I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Grandson I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Nora I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Patron Sniffs Out DangerBerglund, BruceGFJan-01-2024
Mason I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Mila I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Cupcake TreeMartins, GabhiGFJan-01-2024
Owen I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Corporal Wojtek Supplies the TroopsBerglund, BruceGFJan-01-2024
The Curse of MedusaGunderson, JessicaGFJan-01-2024
Aria I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Mia I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
Legacy of the Rocking K RanchConnealy, MaryCHJan-01-2024
Theseus and the MinotaurGunderson, JessicaGFJan-01-2024
Mateo I Love YouGreen, J.D.GFJan-01-2024
I Am YoursRittershaus, TamaraGFJan-01-2024
Upside DownSteel, DanielleWFJan-02-2024
Divine MightHaynes, NatalieFJan-02-2024
First Felt ColorsPriddy, RogerGFJan-02-2024
Vampires Ruin EverythingEulberg, ElizabethHORRJan-02-2024
Texas BabyPohlen, JeromeGFJan-02-2024
A Royal ConundrumYee, LisaGFJan-02-2024
Snow White’s Forest FriendsTana, NicholasGFJan-02-2024
Aang’s Epic Adventure!Random HouseGFJan-02-2024
Love Puppies #5Brown-Wood, JanayGFJan-02-2024
Tales from the BatcaveRandom HouseGFJan-02-2024
My Busy Shiny Touchy Smelly ABCLearners, EarlyGFJan-02-2024
Coloring the ’90sRandom HouseGFJan-02-2024
The Twilight QueenWesterson, JeriHMJan-02-2024
Wimee Learns About MoneyKammeraad, StephanieGFJan-02-2024
How to DrawRandom HouseGFJan-02-2024
The Lost Van GoghSantlofer, JonathanTJan-02-2024
Namor the Sub-Mariner Little Golden BookCroatto, DaveGFJan-02-2024
Piggyback PalsWan, JoyceGFJan-02-2024
My Busy Farm BookScholastic Inc.GFJan-02-2024
North Carolina BabyPohlen, JeromeGFJan-02-2024
Sky’s EndGregson, Marc J.FJan-02-2024
Batwheels: The Official Activity BookRandom HouseGFJan-02-2024
The Fire OathBlack, RoanGFJan-02-2024
The Story of Eva & FriendsLee, CeeGFJan-02-2024
We Are GoldenChen, EvaGFJan-02-2024
The Missing SoundMartinez, Susana IlleraGFJan-02-2024
Fragile DesignsCoble, ColleenCHJan-02-2024
Spider-Man: Quantum Quest! (e)Maihack, MikeGFJan-02-2024
First Lie WinsElston, AshleyTJan-02-2024
Angela’s GlacierScott, JordanGFJan-02-2024
Disney Wish Board BookRandom HouseGFJan-02-2024
Words Are Magic!Avant-garde, ZailaGFJan-02-2024
Hoppy Easter, Honey Bunny!Magsamen, SandraGFJan-02-2024
Don’t Trust CatsPetty, DevGFJan-02-2024
A Crust to Die ForLotempio, ToniCZJan-02-2024
Wisconsin BabyPohlen, JeromeGFJan-02-2024
A Fragile EnchantmentSaft, AllisonFJan-02-2024
Courtesy of CupidJones, NashaeGFJan-02-2024
King & Kayla and the Case of the Downstairs GhostButler, Dori HillestadMJan-02-2024
Dark Star Burning, Ash Falls WhiteZhao, Amelie WenFJan-02-2024
The ReckoningHudson, WadeGFJan-02-2024
Wild and Distant SeasRoberts, Tara KarrLJan-02-2024
Princess Truly’s Easter Egg HuntGreenawalt, KellyGFJan-02-2024
Grumpy Monkey Spring FeverLang, SuzanneGFJan-02-2024
Scholastic Year in Sports 2024Buckley, James, Jr.GFJan-02-2024
Colorado BabyPohlen, JeromeGFJan-02-2024
Trolls Band Together: Step into Reading #2Random HouseGFJan-02-2024
The Berenstain Bears Stay HealthyBerenstain, Stan; Berenstain, JanGFJan-02-2024
Flashback to the . . . ’80’s, ’90s, and 2000s!Michaels, PattyGFJan-02-2024
House of Ash and ShadowStone, LeiaFJan-02-2024
The Way We MetGolden BooksGFJan-02-2024
ABCs of Washington, D.C.Magsamen, SandraGFJan-02-2024
How to Be BraveNewson, KarlGFJan-02-2024
The Nubian’s CurseHambly, BarbaraHMJan-02-2024
First Felt WordsPriddy, RogerGFJan-02-2024
Light and AirWendell, Mindy NicholsGFJan-02-2024
FigmentGolden BooksGFJan-02-2024
Class Pet on the LooseMurray, LauraGFJan-02-2024
The Scary StormCurran, ShelbyGFJan-02-2024
California BabyPohlen, JeromeGFJan-02-2024
Newbie FairyKorsh, KateFJan-02-2024
Ready or Not! #1Bryant, Megan E.GFJan-02-2024
Rabbit HoleBrody, KateCZJan-02-2024
The Truth About the AccidentTrope, NicoleTJan-02-2024
Graysen Foxx and the Curse of the IlluminerdySavage, J. ScottGFJan-02-2024
Super Mario: Mario TimeCarbone, CourtneyGFJan-02-2024
LAST ONE LAUGHINGAlexander, K.R.GFJan-02-2024
We Dream a World YolandaKing, ReneeGFJan-02-2024
Awesome Tales!Random HouseGFJan-02-2024
Clobberin’ TimeMarvel Book GroupGNJan-02-2024
The Book of FireLefteri, ChristyWFJan-02-2024
You Can Be a Ballerina/You Can Be a GymnastRandom HouseGFJan-02-2024
Anna OBlake, MatthewTJan-02-2024
Quantum Quest!Maihack, MikeGFJan-02-2024
Tiana and the Magic of HarlemRH/DisneyGFJan-02-2024
The Poetry of Ran Vol.1Osawa, YusukeFJan-02-2024
Marvel BeginningsBehling, SteveFJan-02-2024
Like SoForman, RuthGFJan-02-2024
ABCs of KansasMagsamen, SandraGFJan-02-2024
Just Happy to Be HereKanakia, NaomiGFJan-02-2024
PAW Patrol 101 First WordsRandom HouseGFJan-02-2024
The Jellyfruit PursuitGolden BooksGFJan-02-2024
BLACK PANTHER VOL. 1Ewing, Eve L.GNJan-02-2024
The Pierogi PerilKrotow, GeriCZJan-02-2024
Buffalo FluffaloKalb, BessGFJan-02-2024
Love Is My Favorite ColorLaden, NinaGFJan-02-2024
I Am ZukoGolden BooksGFJan-02-2024
Ohio BabyVernick, ShirleyGFJan-02-2024
First Royal WordsPriddy, RogerGFJan-02-2024
Eye of a Little GodSteiger, A.J.GFJan-02-2024
I Am MoneyCook, JuliaGFJan-02-2024
Fun-Tastic TalesRandom HouseGFJan-02-2024
Mobs in the Mansion!Kaplan, ArieGFJan-02-2024
Protecting Her HeartAllen, Nancy CampbellHRJan-02-2024
You Can Be a Horse Rider/You Can Be a FarmerLymon, BriaGFJan-02-2024
The Unbeatable Lily HongMa, DianaGFJan-02-2024
The End of the Overworld!Eliopulos, NickGFJan-02-2024
BreakMiller, KaylaGFJan-02-2024
Hana the Thunder DragonMara, MaddyFJan-02-2024
Claudie Finds Her TalentRandom HouseGFJan-02-2024
The Son’s SecretGerber, Daryl WoodTJan-02-2024
Ghost RoastGibbs, ShawneeGFJan-02-2024
Beaky Barnes: Egg on the LooseStein, David EzraGFJan-02-2024
Og Meets MogDyckman, AmeGFJan-02-2024
This Plague of SoulsMcCormack, MikeLJan-02-2024
Peek a boo, Thumper!Disney Book GroupGFJan-02-2024
A World of Love AimeeReid, ElizabethGFJan-02-2024
There’s No Such Thing as…Unicorns(e)Rowland, LucyGFJan-02-2024
Stay with My HeartBhuiyan, TashieGFJan-02-2024
Pennsylvania BabyVernick, ShirleyGFJan-02-2024
Down These Mean StreetsCorreia, LarrySFJan-02-2024
Sejal Sinha Dives for Diamonds on NeptunePrasad, MayaGFJan-02-2024
Wrestling Mania!Shaskan, StephenGFJan-02-2024
Five Little DucksScholastic Inc.GFJan-02-2024
First Felt NumbersPriddy, RogerGFJan-02-2024
My Block Looks LikeHarper, JanelleGFJan-02-2024
Love Your World!Random HouseGFJan-02-2024
Between Two WindowsMorris, KeishaGFJan-02-2024
Kentucky BabyVernick, ShirleyGFJan-02-2024
Ten Little LambsPriddy, RogerGFJan-02-2024
The Dog Across the LakeDavis, KristaCZJan-02-2024
Where’s the Bunny?Arrhenius, Ingela P.GFJan-02-2024
Minnesota BabyVernick, ShirleyGFJan-02-2024
No Rain, No Rainbow!Foxe, SteveGFJan-02-2024
MerCat’s Sparkle Surprise: A Touch-and-Feel StorybookScholastic Inc.GFJan-02-2024
Wonder Woman: Big Little Trouble!Webster, ChristyGFJan-02-2024
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Weird World WarHazlett, Sean PatrickSFJan-02-2024
Meet the AstronautFoxe, SteveGFJan-02-2024
Market DayHarmon, MirandaGFJan-02-2024
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LAST ONE LAUGHINGAlexander, K.R.GFJan-02-2024
Wisconsin BabyPohlen, JeromeGFJan-02-2024
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Flashback to the . . . ’80’s, ’90s, and 2000s!Michaels, PattyGFJan-02-2024
House of Ash and ShadowStone, LeiaFJan-02-2024
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Do You Know Them?Keller, ShanaGFJan-09-2024
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Library for the War-WoundedHelfer, MonikaHJan-16-2024
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Happy Easter, Little Lamb!B&H Editorial StaffCHJan-16-2024
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Untitled 2197Disney Book GroupGFJan-16-2024
We Light Up the Sky with Music!Maland, NickGFJan-16-2024
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Say You’ll Be MineKumar, NainaCRJan-16-2024
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Time to Make ArtMack, JeffGFJan-16-2024
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My Instant Death Ability Is So Overpowered, No One in This Other World Stands a Chance Against Me!, Vol. 3 (light novel)Fujitaka, TsuyoshiFJan-23-2024
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The Last Ice PhoenixReyes, MeganFJan-23-2024
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Picasso’s LoversMackin, JeanneGFJan-23-2024
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Who to BelieveHill, EdwinTJan-23-2024
FaeboundEl-Arifi, SaaraFJan-23-2024
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Cold Case SquadFerrarella, MarieCRJan-23-2024
Never Blow a KissLovise, LindsayHRJan-23-2024
My Gently Raised Beast, Vol. 5YeoseulkiMGJan-23-2024
Destroy the DayKemmerer, BrigidFJan-23-2024
I’m a Behemoth, an S-Ranked Monster, but Mistaken for a Cat, I Live as an Elf Girl’s Pet, Vol. 8 (manga)Ginyoku, NozomiFJan-23-2024
Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop, Vol. 3 (manga)Oono, ImoFJan-23-2024
Fit for MurderFletcher, Jessica; Bain, DonaldPPJan-23-2024
You Broke It!Finck, LianaGFJan-23-2024
Fortune’s Baby ClaimMajor, MichelleCRJan-23-2024
Bride of the Barrier Master, Vol. 1 (manga)KurehaFJan-23-2024
Random in DeathRobb, J.D.PPJan-23-2024
Targeted for EliminationNelson, Jill ElizabethRSJan-23-2024
All That We Are TogetherKellen, AliceCRJan-23-2024
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Sentenced to Be a Hero, Vol. 2 (light novel): The Prison Records of Penal Hero Unit 9004Shokai, RocketFJan-23-2024
Hunted by a KillerWinter, LaurieCHJan-23-2024
The Getaway ListLord, EmmaCRJan-23-2024
No One Can KnowMarshall, Kate AliceTJan-23-2024
Sword Art Online Progressive Scherzo of Deep Night, Vol. 3 (manga)Kawahara, RekiFJan-23-2024
K-9 SecuritySevern, NicholeRSJan-23-2024
The Friendship TableCarr, RobynWFJan-23-2024
Lullaby for the RancherLee, MakennaCRJan-23-2024
My Dear, Curse-Casting Vampiress, Vol. 3Kanai, ChisakiFJan-23-2024
Amil and the AfterHiranandani, VeeraHJan-23-2024
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Damaged GoodsShen, L.J.CRJan-23-2024
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Breaking the Nurse’s No-Dating Rule (e)Lynn, JaniceCRJan-23-2024
Museum SleepoverKent, DeannaGFJan-23-2024
Emma and the Love SpellIreland, MeredithFJan-23-2024
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Sinister SisterCorbett, PhilGFJan-23-2024
Her Chance at FamilyDicken, AngieCRJan-23-2024
Of Love and TreasonOgle, JamieCHJan-23-2024
When the Jessamine GrowsEverhart, DonnaHJan-23-2024
Sweet-Talkin’ MaverickJeffries, ChristyCRJan-23-2024
Deadly Mountain EscapeAlford, MaryRSJan-23-2024
Colliding WorldsOh, EllenGFJan-23-2024
Goblin Slayer Side Story II: Dai Katana, Vol. 3 (light novel)Kagyu, KumoDFJan-23-2024
Deadly SecretsMcDavid, CathyCHJan-23-2024
Overgeared, Vol. 2Argo, TeamGNJan-23-2024
Helicopter RescueWinters, DanicaRSJan-23-2024
Kamen Rider Kuuga Vol. 4Ishinomori, ShotaroFJan-23-2024
Big Sky CowboySims, JoannaCRJan-23-2024
His Last-Minute Desert QueenWest, AnnieCRJan-23-2024
CLAMP Premium Collection Tokyo Babylon, Vol. 2CLAMPFJan-23-2024
Play It Cool, Guys, Vol. 5Nata, KokoneFJan-23-2024
The Boxer, Vol. 5J.H.GNJan-23-2024
What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, Vol. 3Kim, MyeongMiGNJan-23-2024
Handyman Saitou in Another World, Vol. 3Kazutomo, IchitomoFJan-23-2024
Radiant HeatCollins, Sarah-JaneMJan-23-2024
The Bookbinder’s Guide to LoveGarbera, KatherineCRJan-23-2024
Front SightHunter, StephenTJan-23-2024
Stray Cat & Wolf, Vol. 2Miyuki, MitsubachiFJan-23-2024
Accidentally HisJeffries, SabrinaHRJan-23-2024
Honey Trap Shared House, Vol. 2Kuji, MasamuneFJan-23-2024
See You in My 19th Life, Vol. 1Lee, JeongHyeGNJan-23-2024
The Cottage on Pelican BayJackson, BrendaGFJan-23-2024
A Jazzman’s BluesPerry, Tyler; Brown, EchoGFJan-23-2024
An Innocent’s Deal with the DevilPammi, TaraCRJan-23-2024
A Reincarnated Witch Spells Doom, Vol. 3Yuzuhara, TailFJan-23-2024
A Baby in AlaskaMcCahan, HeidiCRJan-23-2024
Easter Basket MurderMeier, LesliePPJan-23-2024
Dark Star Burning, Ash Falls White 6-Copy Prepack w/ L-Card Am?lieZhao, WenFJan-23-2024
Wedded to His Enemy DebutanteHastings, SamanthaHRJan-23-2024
The Deer King, Vol. 2 (novel)Uehashi, NahokoFJan-23-2024
Alaskan Wilderness RescueVarland, SarahRSJan-23-2024
The Bullet SwallowerJames, Elizabeth GonzalezLJan-23-2024
Wild LifeWei, OpalCRJan-23-2024
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?, Vol. 18 (light novel)Omori, FujinoFJan-23-2024
The Bodyguard’s Deadly MissionDodson, LisaCRJan-23-2024
DivaGoodwin, DaisyHJan-23-2024
The Rancher’s Love Song (e)Lee, MakennaCRJan-23-2024
Cold Case IdentityHelm, NicoleRSJan-23-2024
From the ForestModesitt, L.E., Jr.FJan-23-2024
My Favorite ScarFerraro, NicolasGFJan-23-2024
The Italian’s Pregnant EnemyYates, MaiseyCRJan-23-2024
7FATES: CHAKHO, Vol. 2 (comic)HYBEGNJan-23-2024
Higurashi When They Cry: MEGURI, Vol. 1Ryukishi07FJan-23-2024
Convenient Vows with a VikingMorris, LucyHRJan-23-2024
Bloody Sweet, Vol. 2Lee, NaRaeGNJan-23-2024
STRANGE ACADEMY: YEAR TWOYoung, SkottieGNJan-23-2024
Please Put Them On, Takamine-san, Vol. 7Hiiragi, YuichiFJan-23-2024
Dead in Long Beach, CaliforniaBlackburn, VenitaLJan-23-2024
Last ActsSammartino, AlexanderLJan-23-2024
Luck of the UnicornRosenthal, Amy KrouseFJan-23-2024
Your Forma, Vol. 5: Electronic Investigator Echika and the Farasha IslandKikuishi, MarehoSFJan-23-2024
Womb CityTsamaase, TlotloSFJan-23-2024
Between Two BrothersAllen, CrystalGFJan-23-2024
The Princess of Convenient Plot Devices, Vol. 4 (manga)Yoneda, KazusaFJan-23-2024
Playing the Sicilian’s Game of RevengeHall, LorraineCRJan-23-2024
Astrea Record, Vol. 1 Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Tales of HeroesOmori, FujinoFJan-23-2024
A Valentine’s Day ReturnMinton, BrendaCRJan-23-2024
ThreadsMaslo, LinaHJan-23-2024
Silent Judgment (e)Crown, ZaireGFJan-23-2024
The Holy Grail of Eris, Vol. 6 (manga)Tokiwa, KujiraFJan-23-2024
Natural MeMzVeeGFJan-23-2024
Miss Georgina’s Marriage DilemmaShepherd, EvaHRJan-23-2024
MineWard, J.R.PNRJan-23-2024
Lethal EncounterBokal, JenniferCRJan-23-2024
Martyr!Akbar, KavehLJan-23-2024
The ClinicQuinn, CateTJan-23-2024
Black GodfatherK’wanGFJan-23-2024
The Baby His Secretary CarriesCollins, DaniCRJan-23-2024
God Bless the Mistaken, Vol. 1Nakatani, NioFJan-23-2024
One in a MillionDailey, JanetRSJan-23-2024
Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside, Vol. 10 (light novel)ZapponFJan-23-2024
Spinster with a Scandalous PastKing, SadieHRJan-23-2024
IMITATION, Vol. 2Park, KyungRanGNJan-23-2024
I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level, Vol. 14Morita, KisetsuFJan-23-2024
Dead Man’s HandTaylor, BradTJan-23-2024
Silencing the WitnessConaway, LauraRSJan-23-2024
Family FamilyFrankel, LaurieGFJan-23-2024
What Disappears in Vegas . . .Keene, CarolynMJan-23-2024
Her New York MinuteBaham, DarbyCRJan-23-2024
The Angel Next Door Spoils Me Rotten, Vol. 6 (light novel)SaekisanCRJan-23-2024
Chained Soldier, Vol. 6TakahiroFJan-23-2024
KinningShawl, NisiFJan-23-2024
A Vow to Redeem the GreekAshenden, JackieCRJan-23-2024
Their Inseparable BondWeatherholt, JillCRJan-23-2024
Kunon the Sorcerer Can See, Vol. 2 (light novel)Minamino, UmikazeFJan-23-2024
Maybe It’s a SignShen, E.L.GFJan-23-2024
Silent JudgementCrown, ZaireGFJan-23-2024
MontanaJohnstone, William W.; Johnstone, J.A.HJan-23-2024
In the Land of Leadale, Vol. 5 (manga)Tsukimi, DashioFJan-23-2024
Out of Our LeagueAdler, DahliaGFJan-23-2024
Hopped AlongRoss, BarbaraPPJan-23-2024
A Duke for the Penniless WidowMerrill, ChristineHRJan-23-2024
The (Fake) Dating GameJanovsky, TimothyCRJan-23-2024
Witch Life in a Micro Room, Vol. 1Aki, TakaFJan-23-2024
Monster in the MarshCassidy, CarlaRSJan-23-2024
King of the MountainJin, Susie LeeGFJan-23-2024
I’m Not SuperwomanMcCaulsky, MarlonGFJan-23-2024
Suppose a Kid from the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town, Vol. 14 (light novel)Satou, ToshioFJan-23-2024
Phantom Tales of the Night, Vol. 12MatsuriFJan-23-2024
The Busy BodyDonovan, KemperPPJan-23-2024
Hazure Skill: The Guild Member with a Worthless Skill Is Actually a Legendary Assassin, Vol. 7 (light novel)KennojiFJan-23-2024
The Return of His Caribbean HeiressSan Andres, LydiaHRJan-23-2024
Into the Sunken CityThiru, DineshFJan-23-2024
The Princess of Convenient Plot Devices, Vol. 4 (light novel)MamecyoroCRJan-23-2024
Wyoming Abduction ThreatRees, ElisabethRSJan-23-2024
The Executioner and Her Way of Life, Vol. 4 (manga)Sato, MatoFJan-23-2024
Cheeky Brat, Vol. 9Miyuki, MitsubachiFJan-23-2024
Twilight TerritoryPham, Andrew X.LJan-23-2024
Bocchi the Rock!, Vol. 2Hamazi, AkiFJan-23-2024
Maiden of the Needle, Vol. 2 (manga)ZerokiFJan-23-2024
It Takes a RakeBennett, AnnaHRJan-23-2024
The Sheriff’s to ProtectJohnson, Janice KayRSJan-23-2024
Pucking AroundRath, EmilyCRJan-23-2024
ExordiaDickinson, SethSFJan-23-2024
The Bump in Their Forbidden ReunionCinelli, AmandaCRJan-23-2024
Hakumei & Mikochi: Tiny Little Life in the Woods, Vol. 11Kashiki, TakutoFJan-23-2024
The Breakup TourWibberley, EmilyCRJan-23-2024
Their Forbidden Amish MatchBayer, LucyCRJan-23-2024
Reign of the Seven Spellblades, Vol. 10 (light novel)Uno, BokutoFJan-23-2024
Too MuchGoodluck, LaurelGFJan-23-2024
Canton’s Protection (e)Palmer, DianaCRJan-29-2024
The Way Back to You (e)Miller, Linda LaelCRJan-29-2024
There’s No Place Like HopeLawler, JanetGFJan-30-2024
Midnight on Beacon StreetVerona, Emily RuthTJan-30-2024
Not Bad for a GirlRyan, AnastasiaWFJan-30-2024
The ExcitementsWray, C.J.TJan-30-2024
The World-Famous NineGuterson, BenMJan-30-2024
The Boy with the Star TattooCarner, TaliaHJan-30-2024
The Lost Child (e)McGurl, KathleenHJan-30-2024
The InvocationsSutherland, KrystalFJan-30-2024
Day of the LivingLivingston, LivGFJan-30-2024
Mrs. Quinn’s Rise to FameFord, OliviaWFJan-30-2024
New Book 1/30/24Grand Central PublishingGFJan-30-2024
The Mountain KingDe La Motte, AndersTJan-30-2024
The Queen of Sugar HillBillingsley, ReShonda TateGFJan-30-2024
The Last StandEady, AntwanGFJan-30-2024
The Boy with the Star TattooCarner, TaliaHJan-30-2024
TodaySnyder, GabiGFJan-30-2024
Wander in the DarkEmill, JumataMJan-30-2024
Your Utopia: StoriesChung, BoraGFJan-30-2024
Once a QueenArthur, SarahFJan-30-2024
Hard by a Great ForestVardiashvili, LeoGFJan-30-2024
The Queen of Sugar HillBillingsley, ReShonda TateGFJan-30-2024
Midnight on Beacon StreetVerona, Emily RuthTJan-30-2024
The Mayor of Maxwell StreetCunningham, AveryGFJan-30-2024
Yours from the TowerNicholls, SallyGFJan-30-2024
The Lost Child (e)McGurl, KathleenHJan-30-2024
The ExcitementsWray, C.J.TJan-30-2024
The World-Famous NineGuterson, BenMJan-30-2024
Day of the LivingLivingston, LivGFJan-30-2024
Mrs. Quinn’s Rise to FameFord, OliviaWFJan-30-2024
The Mission and Other StoriesMagazines, TitanSFJan-30-2024
New Book 1/30/24Grand Central PublishingGFJan-30-2024
Tengen Hero Wars Vol.1Hiromoto, YasuFJan-30-2024
The Mountain KingDe La Motte, AndersTJan-30-2024
The Last StandEady, AntwanGFJan-30-2024
There’s No Place Like HopeLawler, JanetGFJan-30-2024
Twenty-Seven MinutesTate, AshleyTJan-30-2024
I May Be a Guild Receptionist, but I’ll Solo Any Boss to Clock Out on Time, Vol. 2 (light novel)Kousaka, MatoFJan-30-2024
Confrontations SimoneBekono, AntanganaGFJan-30-2024
Monsters Take ManhattanAronofsky, DarrenGFJan-30-2024
The InvocationsSutherland, KrystalFJan-30-2024
The TakeoverTanamachi, CaraCRJan-30-2024
Escape from ValoOlder, Daniel JoseFJan-30-2024
Come and Get ItReid, KileyLJan-30-2024
The Thirteenth CircleConnolly, MarcykateGFJan-30-2024
Cocoon Entwined, Vol. 5Hara, YurikoFJan-30-2024
HeldMichaels, AnneLJan-30-2024
The In-Between KatieHeidrich, VanGFJan-30-2024
Harriet Tells the TruthArnold, Elana K.MJan-30-2024
The Adventures of Invisible BoyHorner, DoogieGFJan-30-2024
The Disappearance of Astrid BricardLester, NatashaHJan-30-2024
Good MaterialAlderton, DollyWFJan-30-2024
Wolves of WinterJones, DanHJan-30-2024
PoemhoodMcBride, AmberGFJan-30-2024
Tricky ChickiesMayer, MercerGFJan-30-2024
Looks Are All You Need, Vol. 2Mikawa, GhostGFJan-30-2024
Conan: The Shadow of Vengeance (e)Oden, ScottFJan-30-2024
Untitled MTIAtria BooksCRJan-30-2024
Heavy CrownLark, SophieCRJan-30-2024
Queen of ClubsMarsh, BeezyHJan-30-2024
These Deadly PropheciesTang, AndreaFJan-30-2024
Just Say YesMoldavsky, GoldyGFJan-30-2024
A Reckless Oath (e)Disney Book GroupFJan-30-2024
The American QueenMiller, VanessaGFJan-30-2024
Escape Plastic IslandDoyle, BillGFJan-30-2024
Confrontations Simone (e)Bekono, AtanganaGFJan-30-2024
Of Hoaxes and HomicideHastings, AnastasiaHMJan-30-2024
Private: Missing PersonsPatterson, James; Hamdy, AdamPIJan-30-2024
Rivers of London: Here Be DragonsAaronovitch, BenGNJan-30-2024
Just Shy of OrdinarySass, A.J.GFJan-30-2024
A Reckless OathSmith, KaylieFJan-30-2024
SABRETOOTH & THE EXILESLavalle, VictorGNJan-30-2024
The Red Thread, Vol. 2LazysheepFJan-30-2024
Tears Of The Cheetah (e)Clark, T.M.GFJan-31-2024

FAQs – Books Release Date Calendar

What is the ‘Books Release Date Calendar’?

The Books Release Date Calendar is an online resource that provides the latest information on the release dates of upcoming books across various genres and authors. It helps readers stay informed about new and anticipated book releases.

How often is the calendar updated?

The calendar is updated regularly to ensure it includes the most current release dates. New entries are added as soon as publishers announce them, typically on a weekly basis.

Does the calendar include international book releases?

While the primary focus is on books published in English, the calendar also includes significant international releases when information is available. However, release dates may vary by country.

Can I suggest a book to be added to the calendar?

Absolutely! If you know of a book that’s not listed in our calendar, you can submit a suggestion through our website. Please include the book’s title, author, and expected release date for our team to review.