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Sneakers Launch Date Calendar 2024

Sneakers Launch Date Calendar 2024
ModelRelease Date
PUMA Easy Rider Vintage “Glacial Gray”January 13
Nke Flyknit Bloom “Velvet BrownFebruary 3
Nike Flyknit HavenFebruary 3
Nike ACG Air ExploraidFebruary 3
Air Jordan 2 Low “Python”February 7
Air Jordan 6 “Yellow Ochre”February 8
Nike Kobe 8 Protro “Radiant Emerald”February 8
Nike Air Trainer 1 “Super Bowl LVIII”February 11
Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Metallic Gold”February 14
Nike KD 4 “Galaxy”February 15
Air Jordan 1 High 85 “Metallic Burgundy”February 16
Nike Dunk Low Lux “Brown Ostrich”February 17
Air Jordan 4 “Bred Reimagined”February 17
Air Jordan 14 Low “Love Letter”February 24
Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Black/White”February 24
adidas AE1 “Best of Adi”March 1
Air Jordan 3 Craft “Ivory”March 2
Air Jordan Tatum 2 “Momma’s Boy”March 5
Air Jordan 1 High OG “Dusted Clay”March 6
Nike Sabrina 1 “Oregon Ducks”March 14
Nike Air Max 1 87 “Velvet Brown”March 15
Air Jordan 4 “Sail/Metallic Gold”March 16
Nike Air Force 1 Low “Mint Foam”March 20
Nike Air Max DN “Volt”March 26
Nike Air Max DN “Anthracite”March 26
Nike Air Max 1 86 OG Golf “Royal”March 27
Air Jordan Tatum 2 “Vortex”April 4
Nike SB Dunk Low “Pastoral Print”April 22
Air Jordan 6 “Reverse Oreo”June 8

The 5 Most Popular Sneaker Brands

Sneakers have become an essential part of modern fashion and culture, transcending their athletic origins to become symbols of style and identity. Among the myriad of brands in the market, a few stand out for their popularity, innovation, and cultural impact. Here are the five most popular sneaker brands:

1. Nike

Nike is arguably the most recognizable sneaker brand in the world, known for its innovative designs, high-performance athletic shoes, and iconic marketing campaigns. It has a diverse range of products including the famous Air Jordan line.

2. Adidas

Adidas is renowned for its quality, comfort, and stylish designs. The brand has made a significant impact in both the sports and fashion worlds, with lines like the UltraBoost and collaborations with celebrities and designers.

3. Jordan Brand

While technically a part of Nike, the Jordan Brand has established itself as a powerhouse in its own right, thanks to the enduring popularity of the Air Jordan series and its strong association with basketball legend Michael Jordan.

4. Converse

Converse is a classic brand that has transcended time, known primarily for its Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Its simple, versatile design has made it a favorite in various subcultures and demographics.

5. Puma

Puma combines athletic performance with fashion-forward designs. The brand has gained popularity through its collaborations with high-profile designers and celebrities, appealing to a wide range of consumers.

Most Popular Sneakers in History

Sneakers have transcended their athletic origins to become staples of fashion and cultural icons. Throughout the years, certain models have stood out for their innovative design, cultural impact, and enduring popularity. Here is a look at some of the most popular sneakers in history.

Nike Air Jordan

Most Popular Sneakers in History

Created in 1985 and named after basketball legend Michael Jordan, the Air Jordan line has become synonymous with sneaker culture. The original Jordan 1, designed by Peter Moore, was a game-changer in sneaker design and branding​​​​.

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars

converse chuck taylor all star

Originally a basketball shoe from the early 20th century, the Chuck Taylor All-Stars have remained largely unchanged since 1920. Their classic, versatile design has made them a long-standing favorite​​​​.

Nike Air Force 1

Most Popular Sneakers in History

Introduced in 1982, the Air Force 1 was the first basketball shoe to feature Nike’s Air cushioning system. Its design and innovation have cemented its status as one of the most iconic and popular sneakers of all time​​​​​​.

Air Jordan XI

nike jordan 11

Part of the renowned Jordan series, the Air Jordan XI stands out for its unique design and continues to be a top-seller in the sneaker market​​.

Reebok Pumps Original

Released in 1989, the Reebok Pump was an innovative design in athletic footwear, featuring a unique pump mechanism for a customized fit​​.

Air Jordan XII

Another significant model in the Air Jordan series, the XII continues the legacy of Nike’s influential and popular designs in the sneaker world​​.

Reebok the Question

Known for its premium full-grain leather and stylish design, the Reebok Question is a testament to Reebok’s commitment to quality and fashionable design​​.

Air Penny 2

A Nike model, the Air Penny 2 exemplifies the brand’s consistent ability to produce popular and trendsetting sneakers​​.

Vans Half Cab

Introduced in 1992, the Vans Half Cab is widely regarded as the best skate shoe ever made, and remains popular among skaters worldwide​​.

Gucci Tennis 84

Launched in 1984, the Gucci Tennis 84 pioneered the concept of luxury sneakers, influencing the premium and luxury sneaker categories significantly​​.

Adidas Stan Smith

First released in 1971, the Adidas Stan Smith was a groundbreaking tennis shoe that became a fashion staple due to its sleek design and versatility​​.

Air Jordan 5

The Jordan 5, released in 1990, introduced new materials in sneaker design and gained popularity in pop culture, especially through its appearance in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’​​.

A Bathing Ape Bapesta

The Bapesta, released in 2002, was a unique reinterpretation of Nike’s Air Force 1 and influenced Nike to innovate their original model further​​.

Puma Clyde

Dating back to 1973, the PUMA Clyde was the first signature basketball shoe and played a crucial role in blending basketball, hip-hop, fashion, and street culture​​.

Adidas Samba

Introduced in 1950 as a soccer training shoe, the Adidas Samba has influenced numerous designs within Adidas and remains significant in the lifestyle market​​.

Onitsuka Tiger Corsair

Debuted in 1969, the Corsair was the precursor to the Nike Cortez and marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of modern running shoes​​.

Air Jordan 3

Introduced in 1988, the Air Jordan 3 is another influential model in the Jordan series, showcasing Nike’s innovative approach to sneaker design​​.

FAQs – Sneakers Launch Date Calendar

What is the Sneakers Launch Date Calendar?

The Sneakers Launch Date Calendar is an online resource that provides information about upcoming sneaker releases. It covers a wide range of brands and styles, offering dates, details, and sometimes links to where you can purchase these new releases.

How often is the calendar updated?

Our calendar is updated weekly to ensure you have the most current information on sneaker releases. We continuously monitor and add new launch dates as soon as they are announced.

Can I set reminders for specific sneaker releases?

Yes, users can usually set reminders for specific releases on for example Nike’s website. Just select the sneaker launch you’re interested in, and you can opt to receive email or mobile notifications prior to the release date.

Are limited edition or exclusive releases also included?

Absolutely. The calendar includes all types of sneaker releases, including limited edition and exclusive drops, ensuring sneaker enthusiasts don’t miss out on these highly sought-after items.

Do you provide information on where to buy the sneakers?

Yes, for most releases, we provide links or information about where the sneakers can be purchased.

Is there a way to filter the calendar by brand or style?

Yes, our calendar will have filter options that allow you to view releases by specific brands, styles, or even price ranges, making it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

How can I submit information about a sneaker release?

If you have information about a sneaker release that is not listed on our calendar, you can submit it through our ‘Contact Us’ page. Our team will review and add it to the calendar if it meets our criteria.