Burberry Lights Up Chengdu with Festive Lunar New Year Collection

Burberry Lights Up Chengdu with Festive Lunar New Year Collection

A Blend of British Elegance and Chinese Festivity

January 5, 2024 – Burberry has unveiled its exciting Lunar New Year 2024 campaign in Chengdu, marking the Year of the Dragon with a dynamic fusion of British tradition and modern aesthetics. The collection features a range of traditional British designs reimagined with a contemporary twist, perfectly embodying the spirit of the Lunar New Year. The campaign is enhanced by the participation of Burberry’s global ambassadors, including the renowned Tang Wei and Chen Kun.

Chengdu: A City of Cultural Fusion

The choice of Chengdu as the backdrop for this unique collection is significant. The city, known for its deep cultural roots and modern energy, mirrors the collection’s blend of different times and traditions. Set against the lively streets of Chengdu, the campaign brings the collection’s unique designs to life while celebrating the convergence of diverse cultures.

Collection Spotlight: Heritage Meets Innovation

The highlight of Burberry’s Lunar New Year offerings is the innovative reimagining of British fashion staples. The collection features the iconic houndstooth pattern and a new rose print, symbolizing Burberry’s rich heritage. The colour red, representing good fortune and joy in Chinese culture, plays a prominent role, adding a festive touch to the collection.

Cutting-Edge Designs and Accessories

Burberry has introduced fresh interpretations of classic patterns and new eyewear designs, showcasing its commitment to blending tradition with modern fashion sensibilities. These designs exemplify Burberry’s dedication to creativity and excellence in fashion design.

Star Power: Tang Wei and Chen Kun

The involvement of Tang Wei and Chen Kun, both icons of style and elegance, brings an additional layer of allure to the campaign. Their presence in Chengdu, adorned in Burberry’s latest collection, embodies the Lunar New Year’s essence – a harmonious blend of tradition, modernity, and communal joy.

The Collection’s Greater Meaning

This range is more than a fashion statement; it signifies Burberry’s respect for cultural traditions and aspiration for a cosmopolitan future. The collection is a testament to Burberry’s role in fostering global unity and artistic innovation in the fashion industry.

Burberry’s Lunar New Year 2024 collection is a magnificent homage to heritage, innovation, and the global community. Showcased splendidly in Chengdu and backed by influential brand ambassadors, Burberry redefines luxury fashion while paying tribute to cultural traditions. This collection, merging classic British style with vibrant Eastern elements, enchants fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Capturing the Essence

The collection’s campaign, captured in Chengdu, showcases the work of photographer and filmmaker Ryan McGinley. The cast, including Tang Wei, Chen Kun, He Cong, Wang Xiangguo, and Alex Schlab, brings the collection to life against the backdrop of Chengdu’s vibrant cityscape.

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