CATAN Studio™ Unveils CATAN – New Energies: A Sustainability-Centric Update to the Classic Board Game

catan new energies new board game

CATAN Studio™ has announced the arrival of its latest offering, CATAN – New Energies. This new iteration of the beloved strategy game propels players into the 21st century, blending traditional CATAN gameplay with themes of sustainability and societal advancement. Set in contemporary times, the game challenges players to lead the island of Catan through a significant era of development.

The Evolution of Catan: Balancing Growth with Environmental Consciousness

catan new energies new board game

In CATAN – New Energies, the days of pre-industrial simplicity are over. The modernized island of Catan requires energy for its growth, but with this comes a critical choice: players must decide between investing in clean, sustainable energy or opting for cheaper, polluting fossil fuels.

This dilemma brings a poignant real-world relevance to the game, where decisions have tangible consequences on the environment.

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A Game as an Experience, Not a Lecture

Benjamin Teuber, managing director at CATAN GmbH and co-designer of New Energies, shares his insights on the game’s development. He reflects on the guidance of his late father, Klaus Teuber, the renowned founder of CATAN.

Teuber emphasizes that CATAN – New Energies is designed to be an experiential journey rather than a directive, encouraging players to engage with and learn about sustainability through gameplay.

Gameplay Dynamics: A Journey from Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy

catan new energies new board game

The game starts with players building fossil fuel power plants, which enable rapid growth but at the cost of environmental pollution. As the game progresses, players have the opportunity to transition to renewable energy plants, shifting the gameplay from pollution events to rewards for environmental efforts.

This evolution within the game mirrors real-world challenges and rewards of sustainable practices.

Winning Strategies and the Impact of Collective Environmental Actions

catan new energies board game

CATAN – New Energies stays true to the original game’s ethos of multiple paths to victory. The transition to green energy is key, as rising pollution levels can trigger an early end to the game, with the most sustainable player emerging victorious.

This mechanic highlights the importance of collective environmental responsibility.

Eco-Friendly Production: A Commitment to Sustainability

catan new energies  board game

In line with its theme, CATAN – New Energies is produced with an eye towards minimizing environmental impact. The English edition of the game is printed and assembled in the United States using sustainable wood and paper sources, eliminating plastic components.

This commitment to eco-friendly production aligns with the game’s message and CATAN’s dedication to sustainability.

Engaging Gameplay Meets Environmental Awareness

CATAN – New Energies is more than just a board game; it’s an engaging experience that marries captivating gameplay with a powerful sustainability narrative.

The game is designed not only to entertain CATAN enthusiasts and newcomers alike but also to spark meaningful conversations and awareness about sustainable practices, resonating with a global audience committed to a sustainable future.

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