CES Innovation Awards 2024 – The Winners of the World’s Most Prestigious Technology Fair

winners of CES Awards 2024

The next edition of the world’s largest technology fair CES (Consumer Technology Association) will soon be held in Las Vegas. January 9-12, but we can already reveal the winners of the CES Innovation Awards 2024.

Among the winners we find many of the products that we have written about before here on New Launches. In other words, we’ve had pretty good coverage of the most notable products of the year.

Winners of the CES Innovation Awards 2024

Winners of the CES Innovation Awards 2024

Essentially, products are divided into two categories among the products honored at the CES Innovation Awards. Those products that score above a certain threshold during the judging process are designated as “CES Innovation Honorees”.

The products awarded to the highest ranked product in each category are awarded the “Best of Innovation” award. This award is for products that are considered truly exceptional in their field.

Here we focus on the last mentioned category. Here are the “Best of Innovation” winners at the CES Innovation Awards 2024:

Best of Innovation – Headphones & Personal Audio

Best of Innovation - Headphones & Personal Audio CES Awards 2024

BOSE QuietComfort Ultra Bluetooth Headphones

Bose has unveiled its latest innovation, the QuietComfort Ultra headphones. These headphones feature an updated, advanced design and introduce Bose Immersive Audio, which elevates the audio experience to unprecedented heights.

QC Ultra headphones combine immersive soundscapes with premium noise reduction and CustomTune audio tuning, setting a new standard for over-ear headphone performance.

The combination of Bose Immersive Audio and CustomTune technology delivers a rich, fully customized audio experience specific to each user’s ears.

Best of Innovation – Headphones & Personal Audio

Best of Innovation - Headphones & Personal Audio CES Awards 2024

JBL Authentics 500

Experience a blend of vintage aesthetics and modern audio technology with the JBL Authentics 500 speaker. The design pays homage to the classic JBL style of the 1970s, with a Quadrex grille and a custom enclosure with a leather-like finish, all reimagined for today’s era.

The speaker delivers exceptionally clear, high-resolution sound, enhanced by Dolby Atmos® Music, through its aluminum tweeters and exclusive SlipStream™ bass port technology. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, giving you the convenience of voice-controlled music playback and smart home management, all without lifting a finger.

Best of Innovation – Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility

Best of Innovation - Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility CES Awards 2024

Honda Motocompacto

Honda’s latest innovation, the Motocompacto, revolutionizes the concept of affordable, all-electric personal transportation with its sleek, minimalist design and groundbreaking folding structure. Tailored to the dynamic needs of urban commuting, the Motocompacto offers an emission-free, enjoyable and efficient mode of transportation that significantly reduces environmental impact and increases convenience.

The vehicle can reach speeds up to 15 mph and cover a distance of up to 12 miles on a single charge, and can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours using a standard 110v socket, in both its compact and unfolded state.

Prioritizing rider comfort, the Motocompacto features a plush seat, sturdy foot pegs, built-in storage, a digital speedometer, battery level indicator and an easy-to-carry handle. Furthermore, an innovative mobile app, connected via Bluetooth®, allows users to customize settings such as lighting and driving modes, adding an extra level of personalization to the riding experience.

Best of Innovation – Sports & Fitness

Best of Innovation - Sports & Fitness CES Awards 2024

Garmin Venu® 3

Achieve your health and fitness goals with the Venu 3 GPS smartwatch series. These watches act as a personal coach on your wrist, providing detailed health analysis, numerous fitness functions and additional features.

They feature vibrant AMOLED screens, over 30 pre-installed sports applications and a battery life of up to 14 days, helping users gain a comprehensive understanding of their health.

In addition, the integrated speaker and microphone allow for enhanced connectivity. Users can make and receive phone calls and respond to text messages directly from their wrist, whether at home or on the move.

Best of Innovation – Home Appliances

Best of Innovation - Home Appliances CES Awards 2024

Sevvy Smart Cooker

A pinnacle of consumer technology, the Sevvy Smart Cooker uses innovative pulsed electric field-based and ohmic heating methods for fast and low-temperature cooking. This device uniquely integrates heating into the cooking process, making it possible to prepare meals with fresh ingredients in just minutes.

It preserves 40% more nutrients, requires less salt and sugar, and eliminates the need for baking fats to achieve delicious results.

Plus, it has an impressive energy saving feature that reduces energy consumption by up to 90% compared to traditional cooking techniques. The Sevvy Smart Cooker also addresses the problem of food waste by providing precise cooking controls, effectively preventing both under and over cooking. This improvement makes cooking significantly more sustainable.

Furthermore, it is in line with global trends advocating healthy eating, thus redefining the cooking experience with both health and environmental awareness.

Best of Innovation – Artificial Intelligence

Best of Innovation - Artificial Intelligence CES Awards 2024

Seller Canvas By STUDIO LAB

Seller Canvas is changing the landscape of e-commerce marketing by offering essential support to businesses, individual sellers and marketing agencies in need of commerce-related content. The platform includes an AI-powered marketing content creation tool and a sophisticated automated photo robot.

Equipped with advanced AI, a robotic arm and an autonomous mobility system, the photo robot effectively assesses the model, product and environment to take the perfect photograph. But Seller Canvas’ capabilities extend far beyond photography. The platform streamlines the entire content creation process, from analyzing product and model photos submitted by users for image enhancement to creating commerce-oriented copywriting.

Seller Canvas skillfully produces and designs a variety of marketing materials, including landing pages, ads, and short videos, simplifying the task of e-commerce content creation.

Best of Innovation – Wearable Technologies

Best of Innovation - Wearable Technologies CES Awards 2024

Silk Charge&Go IX By WS Audiology

The Silk Charge&Go IX is a remarkable achievement in the hearing aid industry, as it introduces the world’s first instant full-canal fitting hearing aid (CIC) with rechargeable features.

The discreet and compact design ensures minimal visibility, while providing exceptional speech intelligibility even in noisy environments.

Developed on Signia’s ground-breaking Integrated Xperience hearing aid platform, this small custom hearing aid offers convenient on-site charging and incorporates a range of sophisticated sound enhancements to provide unparalleled conversation assistance in challenging hearing environments.

Best of Innovation – Home Appliances

Best of Innovation - Home Appliances CES Awards 2024


WILLCOOK is a groundbreaking innovation as the world’s first portable fabric microwave bag with smartphone-controlled temperature settings.

With a remarkably lightweight construction, WILLCOOK weighs just 160g, and its Bluetooth-enabled battery, weighing 120g, makes it the lightest microwave in consumer electronics, with a total weight of under 300g.

WILLCOOK’s impressive heating ability is evident as it reaches 90 degrees Celsius within just 10 minutes of switching on, and it reaches a temperature of 130 degrees Celsius in just 20 minutes, all without the use of open flames or the emission of harmful carbon dioxide.

What sets the WILLCOOK apart is its customizable fabric, which allows it to serve as a stylish and versatile bag that offers both functionality and fashion. By seamlessly integrating smart textiles and electronics, WILLCOOK has the potential to greatly develop society and improve daily life.

Best of Innovation – Embedded Technologies

Best of Innovation - Embedded Technologies CES Awards 2024

MEMS hybrid micromotor for electronics

SilMach’s innovative hybrid MEMS micromotors represent a breakthrough development specifically designed for electronic devices. These motors are designed as electronic components that can be soldered directly onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). This design gives product developers a unique opportunity to seamlessly integrate mechanical functions into electronic products.

With their wide application in various industries, including medical, defense and aerospace, these stepper motors are particularly poised to replace the Lavet-type stepper motors. They are particularly advantageous when it comes to connected hybrid watches.

Their compact size, reduced energy consumption compared to traditional technologies and the flexibility to move the watch hands in any direction or speed make them a significantly better option.

Best of Innovation – Smart Home

Best of Innovation - Smart Home CES Awards 2024

Motionsleep By 10minds co. ltd.

Motionsleep, now integrated with the life ring, enhances the sleep experience for those who snore or have breathing problems during sleep. This innovative product intelligently identifies snoring sounds while accurately monitoring blood oxygen levels.

It has seven airbags that actively change the position of the head and back to facilitate breathing and reduce snoring.

Improvements to this product include a greater number of airbags, the addition of the vital ring for monitoring oxygen saturation, circadian rhythm light and a compact charging system.

These improvements not only increase the product’s efficiency and ease of use, but also add an element of elegance.

Best of Innovation – Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy

Best of Innovation - Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy CES Awards 2024

zkVoting: Blockchain-based voting at the Poll Station

zkVoting is a groundbreaking advance in in-person voting and harnesses the power of blockchain technology. It revolutionizes the voting experience by offering a seamless and secure solution for on-site voting.

With zkVoting, voters now have the opportunity to personally verify the accuracy of their ballots in real time directly at the polling station. Our state-of-the-art zero knowledge proof protocol allows individuals to confirm the validity of their votes while protecting their privacy.

To increase security and maintain the integrity of the process, we have introduced a clear separation between the voting and vote validation units. In addition, our innovative “fake key” generation mechanism acts as a protection against malware, ensuring the credibility of the entire voting process.

Best of Innovation – Food & AgTech

Best of Innovation - Food & AgTech CES Awards 2024

IINK (Innovative Individualized Nutritional Kit)

“IINK (Innovative Individualized Nutritional Kit)” sets a new standard as the first of its kind for personalized nutritional delivery, using advanced 4D printing technology. The system creates a unique structure where customized nutrients are enclosed in a bead, made of a special composite material.

The bead is designed to activate at a specific point, making it a groundbreaking innovation in nutritional science.

The essence of this technology lies in the interaction between the nutrient-delivered composite and the liquid in a bottle. IINK surpasses traditional 3D printing methods by using a combination of advanced software, specialized food colors, structural design, and 4-dimensional stimuli, including pH, time, and temperature.

This enables precise release and activation of nutrients in the body, representing a major step forward in the field of personalized nutrition.

Best of Innovation – Digital Imaging & Photography

Best of Innovation - Digital Imaging & Photography CES Awards 2024

Hestia By VAONIS

Representing a significant advance in portable telescopes, Hestia utilizes smartphone sensors to capture images of celestial bodies such as the sun, moon and stars. The device features a high-magnification telephoto lens that improves the smartphone’s zoom by up to 25 times.

In addition, it has sophisticated software designed to fine-tune the smartphone’s capabilities specifically for capturing stellar images.

Best of Innovation – Robotics

Best of Innovation - Robotics CES Awards 2024

RoWok™ by SJW Robotics

This is a fully autonomous robotic restaurant that cooks delicious meals to order without any on-site staff.

Best of Innovation – XR Technologies & Accessories

Best of Innovation - XR Technologies & Accessories CES Awards 2024

Phantom by afference

Phantom introduces tactile sensations in the age of spatial computing. Phantom provides haptic responses with precise finger-level detail and connects directly to the nervous system. The self-adjusting rings create a discreet interface that allows for a smooth transition between the digital and physical world.

The device, worn on the wrist, offers a wearable and wireless connection to various spatial computing devices, including headsets, glasses or mobile gadgets. Founded by leading engineers in neurology, Afference draws on years of expertise in neural interfaces and brings this knowledge to the field of spatial computing.

Best of Innovation – Embedded Technologies

Best of Innovation - Embedded Technologies CES Awards 2024

AirJet®Mini – Solid-State Active Cooling Chip for Electronic Devices

Frore Systems AirJet® is a groundbreaking solid-state active cooling chip that sets new standards in the computer and electronics sector. A significant advancement in heat dissipation technology for consumer devices, AirJet® enables devices such as laptops, smartphones, minicomputers and SSD accessories to reach their full performance potential.

Integrating one or more AirJet chips into consumer products can effectively address the thermal challenges that hinder device efficiency. The AirJet chip, which has won prestigious awards, has shown remarkable improvements in various applications, with up to threefold performance improvements.

Best of Innovation – Smart Cities

Best of Innovation - Smart Cities CES Awards 2024

SQPV Glass By inQs Co., Ltd.

inQs has created the world’s most sophisticated and efficient energy-generating transparent solar glass, known as SQPV glass. This breakthrough glass can produce electricity not only from visible sunlight but also from invisible light sources and works effectively in indoor environments with low light or under cloudy conditions.

The SQPV glass uses a unique layered structure of nanomaterials, placed between two conductive glass sheets, to convert light into electricity. This design allows light to be captured from both sides of the glass, improving its ability to collect energy.

This technology outperforms the current options on the market and provides higher power per unit.

Best of Innovation – Financial Technologies

Best of Innovation - Financial Technologies

Trip.PASS-Mobile passport platform

Trip.PASS is an innovative platform that combines financial services with the tourism sector and places a strong emphasis on digital security and privacy.

Based on Interpol data, which shows that there were 1.7 billion searches for lost passports in 2021, Trip.PASS Mobile Passport addresses this challenge by securely verifying digital identities and thus reducing the risks of passport theft and fraud.

The platform provides a comprehensive range of services that bridge the online and offline world, including secure payment options, tax-free shopping and transportation solutions, all reinforced with sophisticated security protocols.

The mobile-friendly financial services are designed to offer a safe and efficient travel experience. Trip.PASS sets a new benchmark for digital security and significantly changes the global tourism and cybersecurity landscape.

Best of Innovation – Accessibility & Aging Tech

Best of Innovation - Accessibility & Aging Tech CES Awards 2024

Mand.ro Mark 7D By Mand.ro Co. Ltd.

The Mand.ro Mark 7D is a versatile, modular robotic finger specifically designed to assist people with reduced upper limb mobility.

It has a durable brushless DC motor that is equipped with a sensor system and a two-stage reduction gear, all seamlessly integrated into a built-in system.

The innovative design is tailored to support people with partial hand injuries and various types of upper limb amputations, offering a comprehensive and adaptable solution.

Best of Innovation – Human Security for All

Best of Innovation - Human Security for All CES Awards 2024

AirFarm By Midbar Co., Ltd.

AirFarm is the first inflatable farm that revolutionizes the way food is produced with its ability to operate in any place and at any time. It is designed to be robust yet lightweight, eliminating the need for heavy and expensive steel frames.

AirFarm’s unique technology converts ambient moisture into water on demand and recycles the moisture emitted by plants back to their roots. This makes AirFarm the first farm to operate independently of traditional water infrastructure. The impressive effect is that water consumption is reduced by 99% compared to conventional farming methods and by 90% compared to equivalent vertical farms.

This pioneering approach represents a significant change in water use and points the way to sustainable and efficient food production.

The AirFarm installation process is quick, taking only half a day, and its design allows for easy transportation through standard doors and elevators without the need for bulky machinery. These features make it particularly suitable for immediate use in disaster-affected areas, refugee camps and developing countries, where it can play a crucial role in securing food supplies for those in need.

Unlike traditional farming systems that are limited to predetermined spaces, AirFarm offers the versatility to grow food in any indoor environment. Moreover, the inflatable structure paves the way for potential applications to ensure food security even in space exploration scenarios.

Best of Innovation – Audio Video Components & Accessories

Best of Innovation - Audio Video Components & Accessories CES Awards 2024

NAD M66 By NAD Electronics

The Masters M66 BluOS Streaming DAC-Preamplifier represents a transformative leap in hi-fi technology, combining a premium digital-to-analog converter with an advanced streaming capability for multi-room music.

It incorporates Dirac Live Room Correction and Dirac Live Bass Control, improving sound quality. The unit’s sophisticated appearance, highlighted by a sleek 7″ touchscreen, exudes elegance and refinement.

Combined with NAD’s M23 power amplifier, it forms an impressive installation that stands out in terms of technology, audio performance and aesthetic appeal.

Best of Innovation – Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps

Best of Innovation - Mobile Devices, Accessories & Apps CES Awards 2024

FINTIN V1 Qwerty Communicator

In a digital world where seamless communication transcends the boundaries of disability within the Metaverse, the Fintin V1 is a groundbreaking mini QWERTY communicator. It is specifically designed to improve digital connectivity for people with visual impairment who use smartphones.

The Fintin has a unique construction and is the world’s first device to effectively manage 36 keys through just 6 keys, each with a distinctive texture for tactile recognition.

The innovative design allows users to type quickly and accurately without having to visually check the keyboard, making it adaptable to different settings. Fintin’s mission is to empower the vast community of visually impaired people who use smartphones by improving their access to education, communication and professional opportunities and promoting greater independence in their daily lives.

Best of Innovation – Digital Health

Best of Innovation - Digital Health CES Awards 2024

AVEIR™ Dual chamber (DR) Leadless Pacemaker System

The AVEIR™ Dual Chamber (DR) leadless pacemaker system is the world’s first dual chamber leadless pacemaker designed to help people with slow heart rhythms.

AVEIR DR is significantly smaller than conventional pacemakers, about a tenth of their size, and the atrial and ventricular units can work together via the groundbreaking i2i™ (implant-to-implant) technology.

This innovation ensures consistent, coordinated pacing between the right atrium and ventricle. In addition, the AVEIR leadless pacemakers have a design that allows the pacemaker to be retrieved in case of any changes in therapeutic needs or the need for a future device change.

CES Innovation Awards

about the CES Innovation Awards

The CES Innovation Awards Program is a prestigious competition that rewards outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. The program is part of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is an annual event held in Las Vegas and is known for showcasing the latest advances in consumer electronics and technology.

Key aspects of the CES Innovation Awards program include:

  • Categories: The program includes a wide range of product categories, reflecting the diversity that exists in consumer technology. These categories typically include areas such as computer hardware, smart home devices, audio/visual equipment and wearable technology, among others.
  • Judging criteria: Products are evaluated by a panel of industry experts, including designers, engineers and members of the technology media. The assessment criteria focus on design, functionality, consumer appeal and how the product compares to other products on the market.
  • Innovation and impact: A significant emphasis is placed on innovation. Products that win these awards often have groundbreaking or highly innovative technologies. The product’s impact on the market and potential to change consumer behavior or lifestyles is also a critical factor.
  • Honoree recognition: Products that score above a certain threshold during the judging process are named “CES Innovation Honorees”. This recognition is highly coveted as it signifies a product’s excellence in technology and design.
  • Best of Innovation Award: Among the honored products, the highest ranked product in each category is awarded the “Best of Innovation” award. This award is reserved for products that are considered truly exceptional in their field.
  • Global platform: The CES Innovation Awards Program offers a global platform for companies to showcase their latest innovations. Winning or being nominated for an award can significantly increase a product’s visibility and market value.
  • Showcase event: During the CES event, there is usually an exhibition where attendees can see the winning products. This is a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their innovative technologies to a global audience, including potential investors, buyers and the media.

Overall, the CES Innovation Awards Program is a testament to the changing landscape of consumer technology and provides a glimpse into the future of technology-driven consumer products. It is a celebration of the creativity, ingenuity and technological advances that continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in consumer electronics.

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