DeepMotion Introduces MotionGPT: A Transformative Leap in 3D Animation

motiongpt text to 3d animations

In the fast-evolving world of digital animation, a new breakthrough has arrived that promises to revolutionize how 3D animations are created. DeepMotion, a pioneer in AI-driven motion capture tech, has unveiled MotionGPT™, an advanced tool designed to convert simple text prompts into complex and fluid 3D animations, marking the dawn of a new era in the animation industry.

Innovation in Motion

The new tool, built on DeepMotion’s decade-long expertise in simulation technologies and motion intelligence products, leverages the power of Generative AI to offer an expansive and dynamic animation platform. This innovation signifies a major leap forward, as it eliminates the need for specialized animation hardware and technical know-how, making high-quality 3D animation accessible to a broader range of creators and industries.

With MotionGPT, detailed directions for limb movements, emotions, and even the fusion of multiple motions can be given through text, making it possible for story scripts to be visualized in animation like never before.

Kevin He, the visionary Founder & CEO of DeepMotion, emphasized the transformative potential of MotionGPT:

“By harnessing Generative AI, we’re unlocking a new era of accessibility and efficiency in motion generation, enabling anyone who can utilize a text input to create engaging 3D animations, empowering creators of all types and revolutionizing industries from game development, metaverse, sports, motion graphics and beyond.”

The Future of Animation Generation

The animation community and interested creators can anticipate the release of MotionGPT in the Winter of ’24, with a beta version available for preview. DeepMotion invites innovators and creators to sign up and experience firsthand the future of animation creation on their website, This launch is not just a milestone for DeepMotion but could be a pivotal moment for the creative world at large.

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