TUMI Unveils New Campaign Featuring Son Heung-Min for its 19 Degree Aluminum Collection

Tumi Son Heung-Min campaign

TUMI, the renowned travel and lifestyle brand, has launched an eye-catching campaign for its acclaimed 19 Degree Aluminum collection, starring the dynamic football star Son Heung-Min. This campaign marks the latest addition to the “Essentially Beautiful” series, introducing new silhouettes such as the Backpack, Compact Carry-On, Briefcase, and Minaudiere, all designed to blend futuristic aesthetics with TUMI’s signature functionality.

The Evolution of Travel Gear

TUMI has launched the 9 Degree Aluminum collection, starring the dynamic football star Son Heung-Min

Featuring cool, metallic hues and sharp textural designs, the campaign sets a new standard for travel luxury. It showcases the unique design elements that define the 19 Degree Aluminum collection, emphasizing durability, style, and innovation.

The collection’s expansion includes not just functional items but also pieces that make bold fashion statements, proving that practicality and style can go hand-in-hand.

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Son Heung-Min: More Than Just a Footballer

TUMI has launched the 9 Degree Aluminum collection, starring the dynamic football star Son Heung-Min

In the campaign, Son Heung-Min doesn’t just present the products; he brings them to life in a series of abstract, visually captivating settings. Each scene is designed to represent the distinct features of the 19 Degree Aluminum collection, from its robust construction to its sleek contours.

This partnership highlights Son’s role not just as a TUMI ambassador but as a symbol of the brand’s adventurous spirit and commitment to pushing boundaries.

“TUMI is excited to introduce this groundbreaking campaign with Son Heung-Min,” said Jill Krizelman, TUMI’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and eCommerce. “Our aim is to showcase the evolution of our 19 Degree Aluminum collection, highlighting the innovative design and technical advancements that set TUMI apart. This campaign embodies our vision of continuous evolution and our dedication to excellence.”

The Next Generation of TUMI’s 19 Degree Aluminum

The newly introduced pieces in the 19 Degree Aluminum collection are a testament to TUMI’s commitment to innovation. The Backpack, for instance, is the first from TUMI to incorporate a leather back panel that complements the collection’s iconic angled design.

The Compact Carry-On offers a smaller, design-forward option perfect for business travelers, while the Minaudiere stands out as a versatile, fashion-forward accessory ideal for evening wear. The Briefcase, with its sleek design and durable construction, represents the pinnacle of professional style.

Available worldwide, the latest from the 19 Degree Aluminum collection can be found at TUMI stores and online at TUMI.com, inviting travelers to experience the next level of luxury and innovation in travel accessories.

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