Unique and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Avid Readers (That Are NOT Books)

Are you worried about picking the wrong book for a book enthusiast? Fear not! This guide is your perfect companion to find the best literary-themed gifts beyond just books.

Buying a book as a gift can feel like a gamble. There’s always the chance the recipient already owns it or doesn’t enjoy the specific genre or author. Therefore, it’s often safer to consider gifts that enhance their reading experience rather than choosing the book itself. For bibliophiles, comfort is vital. Consider luxurious blankets, mugs, or coffee accessories for those cosy reading sessions. These items provide comfort and add to the overall reading experience. They’re thoughtful, practical, and sure to be appreciated by any book lover.

The following is a list of gifts for enhancing that reading experience!

Unique and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Avid Readers (That Are NOT Books)

For Nocturnal Readers

  • Hooga Book Light: This amber-hued clip-on light is perfect for late-night reading sessions, offering a soft, eye-friendly glow.
  • Amber Reading Lamp: This reading lamp blocks blue light, making it ideal for a chapter or ten before bed, ensuring a better night’s sleep.
  • Neck-Reading Light: A unique and practical choice for hands-free reading, perfect for gadget lovers.
  • Book-Inspired Lamps (Lumio Book Lamp/Veesee Large Rechargeable Book Folding Lamp): These eye-catching lamps, designed to mimic the look of a book, provide adaptable lighting solutions. They are aesthetically pleasing and portable, making them a stylish addition to any reader’s cosy corner.

Comfortable Reading Accessories

Self-Heating Mug (Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug/OHOM Self-Heating Ceramic Mug): Keeps drinks warm for hours, perfect for those long reading sessions.

Adjustable Laptop Desk: Ideal for readers who prefer reading in bed or on the couch, offering comfort and convenience.

Blanket: A cosy, weighted blanket that offers a comforting embrace during reading.

Fragranced Candle (Byredo Bibliothèque/Bois Ciré Candle): These candles set the perfect mood with scents reminiscent of old books and wood.

Stationery for Book Lovers

Reading Journals (Kunitsa Co. Reading Journal/Moleskine Book Passion Journal) An excellent tool for readers who love tracking their reading journey.

Muji Gel Ink Pens: These pens are perfect for the annotating bookworm, offering smooth, fine lines.

Elii Page Markers: Stylish and functional, these markers highlight favourite passages.

Subscriptions & Digital Gifts

Book of the Month Subscription: This is a fantastic choice for those exploring new reads each month.

Libro.fm Audiobook Service: Ideal for audiobook lovers, offering a wide range of titles.

Kindle Unlimited Membership: Unlimited digital reading options, perfect for the practical, tech-savvy reader.

Scribd Subscription: Offers a wealth of digital books and audiobooks, ideal for the modern reader.

Unique Gadgets for Readers

Kindle Paperwhite: A portable and convenient e-reader for the tech-savvy book lover.

Remote-Controlled Page Turner:  This device allows for effortless page-turning, making it a perfect addition to any e-reader’s toolkit.

Gifting to a book lover is about understanding their love for reading and enhancing that experience. Whether it’s a cosy reading accessory, a functional gadget, or a subscription service, your gift will surely be appreciated and remembered.

Unique and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Avid Readers (That Are NOT Books)
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