Adidas Launches Predator 24: A Fusion of Heritage and Modernity for Today’s Goalscorers

the new adidas Predator 24

Adidas has unveiled the newest addition to its legendary Predator line, the Predator 24, which expertly combines nostalgic elements from its original 1990s design with cutting-edge technology. This launch marks a significant milestone, celebrating 30 years of the iconic Predator franchise known for revolutionizing football footwear.

the new adidas Predator 24

The Predator 24 is a tribute to the original game-changing boot from three decades ago, reimagined for the modern athlete. It retains the classic black, white, and red color scheme of its predecessor, now intensified with vibrant yellow accents.

This blend of old and new is further exemplified in its three available models: laced, laceless, and a classic laced version with a fold-over tongue, catering to various preferences and price points.

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Jude Bellingham the new adidas Predator 24

Sam Handy, VP of Product and Design at Adidas, highlights the challenge and triumph in reimagining the Predator 1994 for today’s athlete. The Predator 24, according to Handy, is a contemporary interpretation of the iconic boot, maintaining its striking design DNA while being tailored for the current generation of football stars.

The Predator 24 boasts several key features designed for optimum performance on the pitch:

the new adidas Predator 24
  • CONTROLFRAME 2.0: A lightweight soleplate and heel construction enhance traction and stability, crucial for dynamic movements and precision strikes.
  • HYBRIDTOUCH 2.0: The upper part of the boot provides a molded fit with cushioning in key areas, ensuring comfort and a soft touch.
  • STRIKESKIN: Rubber fins strategically positioned in strike zones aid in ball grip, allowing for precise shot-making.
  • STRETCHABLE LACELESS PRIMEKNITCOLLAR: Designed for easy entry and secure lockdown.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Recognizing the speed and agility required in modern football, the Predator 24, particularly the Laceless Elite version, stands out as the lightest boot in the franchise.
Gabriel Jesus wearing the new adidas Predator 24

The Predator 24 will be available from January 16th in Adidas stores and online, worn by top footballers like Jude Bellingham, Pedri, Alessia Russo, Kaddidiatu Diani, and Gabriel Jesus. This launch not only celebrates the past but also sets a new standard for future generations of footballers looking to make their mark on the game.

Pedri and the new adidas Predator 24
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