CES 2024: The World’s Premier Tech Event Showcases Cutting-Edge Innovations in AI, Sustainability, and Mobility

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CES 2024, the global epicenter of technology, has opened its doors, marking a new era in tech advancements. This year’s event is a melting pot of over 4000 companies from across the globe, each showcasing groundbreaking developments in artificial intelligence, sustainability, and mobility. The expo, attracting up to 130,000 attendees, is set to shape the tech landscape for the year ahead.

A Global Stage for Innovation

Breakthroughs in Tech at Eureka Park®

Eureka Park®, the heart of CES where startups shine, is witnessing a record-breaking number of innovators. Their presence underlines the event’s role as a launchpad for ideas that can change the world. The buzz around AI, entertainment, gaming, and e-sports is palpable, with brands leveraging CES’s reach to go viral with their latest technological feats.

Bridging Business and Policy

Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association® (CTA), highlights CES as the convergence point for business and policy. “CES is the ultimate hub for building B2B and B2C connections,” Shapiro stated, emphasizing the event’s role in showcasing solutions to today’s global challenges.

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Keynotes: A Glimpse into the Future

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Pioneering Sustainable Innovations

Siemens President and CEO Roland Busch kicked off the keynotes, spotlighting the company’s efforts in AI and immersive engineering. These breakthroughs, Busch noted, are redefining the industrial metaverse and empowering global innovators.

Beauty Meets Technology

L'Oréal's beauty innovations at CES 2024

L’Oréal Groupe CEO Nicolas Hieronimus presented the award-winning AirLight Pro technology, highlighting the company’s commitment to the future of beauty. Joined by Eva Longoria, Hieronimus discussed the innovative Colorsonic hair coloring product, a testament to L’Oréal’s strategic fusion of technology and beauty care.

Media Days: A Prelude to Innovations

Over two days, global brands like Bosch, Hyundai, and Sony made announcements, capturing the attention of international media. These sessions offered a sneak peek into the latest tech trends and innovations.

Unveiling Tomorrow’s Technology Today

CES Unveiled Las Vegas

CES Unveiled set the stage for this year’s event, featuring innovative products like Caterpillar’s zero-emission loader and Xpeng AEROHT’s flying car. This preview underscored the diversity of offerings at CES, ranging from digital health to smart home technologies.

Spotting 2024’s Top Tech Trends

CTA’s Brian Comiskey and Jessica Boothe highlighted how AI, sustainability, and inclusive tech design are shaping the future. The rise of Gen Z, especially in emerging markets, is driving these trends, pointing towards a smarter, greener, and more inclusive future in tech.

Beyond Exhibitions: Shaping Global Tech Policy

This year’s CES goes beyond exhibitions, featuring over 250 conference sessions and an Innovation Policy Summit. The launch of the Consumer Technology Circularity Initiative (CTCI) marks a significant step towards reducing waste and enhancing recycling in consumer electronics.

Stay Connected with CES 2024

For live updates, streaming, and planning, CES.tech and the CES 2024 app are essential resources. Catch the keynotes, great minds, and select programming live or on-demand.

About CES

CES® is where the biggest brands and sharpest innovators collide. As the world’s most influential tech event, CES is the proving ground for transformative technologies. CES 2024, owned and produced by CTA®, encompasses every aspect of the tech sector and will take place from January 9-12, 2024, in Las Vegas. For more information, visit CES.tech and follow CES on social platforms.

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