Paris Rhône Breaks New Ground with the First Affordable LCD True 4K Projector

paris rhone true 4k ultra projector

Paris Rhône, the esteemed home and kitchen appliance brand, has just announced a groundbreaking addition to the world of home entertainment: the SP005, an LCD 4K projector. This device is poised to disrupt the market as the first mass-produced LCD projector of its kind, boasting true 4K resolution at a groundbreaking price point of $699.

Technical Mastery Meets Cost-Effectiveness

paris rhone true 4k ultra projector

Achieving 4K resolution in LCD projectors is fraught with technical challenges, particularly when downsizing to fit compact LED light sources. Paris Rhône has overcome these hurdles, delivering high brightness and superior image quality at a fraction of the cost typically associated with 4K projectors.

Where DLP projection technology—commonly found in most 4K projectors—commands prices upwards of $2,000, the Paris Rhône SP005 shatters this barrier, aiming to democratize the 4K experience for all.

Vice President of Paris Rhône, Maggie Ma, emphasized the brand’s mission: “Paris Rhône is dedicated to enhancing lives with technology. The SP005, our 4K LCD Projector, is a testament to this ethos, offering an immersive cinematic experience at an accessible price.”

A Feast for the Eyes and Ears

paris rhone true 4k ultra projector

The Paris Rhône SP005 offers an ultra-realistic cinematic viewing experience with its true 4K UHD resolution enhanced by HDR10+ capability, bringing exceptional contrast and vivid colors to every scene. The projector can cast an expansive 200-inch image, creating an immersive viewing environment bolstered by 600 ANSI lumens and cutting-edge Light Engine technology.

Home theater audio is also redefined with the SP005’s integrated 24W speakers, featuring 3D Soundscape technology for full-bodied sound that eliminates the need for external audio equipment.

Smart Features for a Smart Projector

paris rhone true 4k ultra projector

Equipped with Android TV 9.0, the SP005 offers seamless streaming with access to an extensive array of over 7000+ apps, bridging the gap between traditional projectors and intelligent, connected entertainment systems.

Adaptable and Forward-Looking

Paris Rhône’s innovative projector also includes intelligent screen adaptation technology, with auto keystone correction and autofocus to accommodate different viewing environments. This is complemented by obstacle avoidance technology, ensuring an uninterrupted and immersive experience.

With the integration of Wi-Fi 6 for rapid data transfer and compatibility with a host of devices, including the newest smartphones like the iPhone 15 and Galaxy S23 Ultra, the SP005 is not just a step into 4K—it’s a leap into the future of home entertainment.

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