Paris Rhône Celebrates a Century of Ingenuity with Festive Home Appliance Lineup

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As the festive season draws near, Paris Rhône, the revered name in household appliances since 1915, is poised to infuse the holidays with its innovative spirit. Celebrating a rich history that spans over a hundred years, Paris Rhône is looking to the future with a fresh array of smart home appliances that promise to modernize daily living.

A Journey Through Paris Rhône’s Historical Innovations

From its inception, Paris Rhône has been at the forefront of home appliance evolution. The Aspiron brand, part of the Paris Rhône family, introduced the first-ever graffiti-decorated vacuum cleaner in 1925, setting the stage for a revolution in home cleaning.

Advancing into the realm of electric mobility, Paris Rhône unveiled the VPR electric tricycle in 1941, a personal transport marvel that offered a unique aesthetic and practicality with its two-person seating. The following year, the upgraded Baby-Rhône II was presented, reaffirming the brand’s commitment to innovation.

1952 marked another milestone for Paris Rhône, with the establishment of a new facility dedicated to the creation of household appliances. This era saw the expansion of their product line to include vacuum cleaners, polishers, and coffee grinders, each becoming a favorite for its ability to retain the classic essence of coffee.

The 1970s saw Paris Rhône’s foray into the culinary world with the launch of electric knives and a special edition dishwasher, marrying exceptional design with outstanding functionality.

Paris Rhône’s Global Vision in the Modern Age

With the turn of the century, Paris Rhône embraced globalization, spreading its presence to continents far and wide. The introduction of WiFi-enabled smart appliances in 2023 marked a new chapter in the brand’s story, offering consumers the luxury of controlling their home devices remotely, leading to enhanced energy efficiency and the convenience of voice command technology.

Blending Heritage with Cutting-Edge Technology

Paris Rhône’s global expansion is a testament to its enduring legacy and innovative prowess. Through its three sub-brands—Aspiron, Sympa, and Evatronic—Paris Rhône continues to deliver on its promise of innovative, professional-grade, and user-friendly household appliances.

Whether it’s through Aspiron’s acclaimed vacuum cleaners, Sympa’s smart lighting solutions, or Evatronic’s range of home devices, Paris Rhône is dedicated to enriching homes worldwide.

As we anticipate the joy of the holiday season, Paris Rhône stands ready to surprise and delight with its visionary appliances, celebrating a century-long journey of excellence.

Unveiling the Paris Rhône Holiday Collection

Paris Rhône 5.3 Quart Air Fryer AF014

best new air fryer Paris Rhone

This air fryer offers a convenient viewing window and an interior light to monitor your culinary creations. Its ceramic-coated basket ensures health-conscious cooking and effortless cleaning. Enjoy efficient, oil-free heating with a variety of pre-set functions, all backed by safety features like automatic shut-off.

ASPIRON® Lightweight Bagless Vacuum Cleaner CA006

Revolutionize your cleaning this season with our powerful suction vacuum, complete with a 3-stage filtration system, multiple cleaning tools, a lengthy power cord, and a washable dust cup. It’s designed to make your holiday clean-up a breeze.

Paris Rhône 4-in-1 Electric Milk Frother MF010

Adorn your kitchen with this elegantly designed milk frother, taking inspiration from the Eiffel Tower. With multifunctional capabilities, quiet operation, and easy cleaning, it’s the ideal addition to your holiday kitchen.

Paris Rhône Space Heater with WIFI Portable HE002

best new products Paris Rhone

Stay cozy with this efficient heater featuring fast heating technology, safety protections, eco-friendly mode, and silent operation. Control it remotely for the ultimate convenience.

PARIS RHÔNE 6L Smart Humidifiers with App, WiFi, and Bluetooth AH038

Smart Humidifiers

Elevate your comfort with this smart humidifier. Manage humidity levels with ease using the app, enjoy the top-fill design for simple maintenance, and ensure a good night’s sleep with its quiet operation.

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