Yankee Candle® Brightens the Season with New ‘Bright Lights’ Holiday Collection

yankee candle christmas 2023

As the winter holidays beckon, Yankee Candle® has unveiled its latest creation – the ‘Bright Lights’ collection. Imagine the warmth of a flickering candle flame bringing the comforting scents of the holiday season right into your living room. This new collection is Yankee Candle’s way of bottling up that festive feeling and sharing it in the form of scented candles that light up our homes and hearts.

Scents That Spark Memories

yankee candle Christmas 2023

According to Michelle Favaloro, Newell Brands’ Home Fragrance VP, the ‘Bright Lights’ collection is more than just candles—it’s about recapturing holiday memories and creating new ones.

Whether it’s the ‘Shimmering Christmas Tree’ that smells like you’ve just brought home a fresh fir or ‘Holiday Cheer’ that wraps the sweet spiciness of mulled wine and vanilla in the air, each candle is a nod to holiday traditions with a fresh spin.

Crafted for the Senses

This collection isn’t just about the fragrances – it’s a sensory experience. The candles come adorned with labels that look like they’ve been touched by holiday magic, complete with wicks made from natural fibers and a soy-wax blend that burns cleanly, filling your space with long-lasting aroma. The new fragrances include:

Holiday Cheer

yankee candle Holiday Cheer 2023

Imagine clinking glasses filled with the aromatic blend of cardamom, berry wine, and a hint of vanilla.

Magical Bright Lights

A scent that’s like a crisp winter night, sparkling with notes of pear, mint, jasmine, and a whisper of vanilla.

Shimmering Christmas Tree

yankee candle Shimmering Christmas Tree 2023

It’s Christmas morning every time you light this candle, with its fresh scent of greens, spices, and balsam.

Sparkling Winterberry

This one is like opening your door to a winter wreath, with tangy pomegranate, balsam, and a dusting of cedar snow.

Marshmallow Eggnog (Retail Exclusive)

A sweet twist on a holiday favorite, creamy and rich with the scent of marshmallows melting into warm eggnog.

Bringing Joy to Every Home

These scents are not just for the candle connoisseurs; they’re for everyone looking to sprinkle a little holiday joy around their home. Priced for giving (or keeping), you can find these gems online at YankeeCandle.com, in Yankee Candle® stores, and on the shelves of well-loved retailers. With tumblers and jars available at wallet-friendly prices, these candles are ready to become part of your holiday tradition.

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