The Best Handbag & Purse Organizers to Buy in 2023

best handbag and purse storage organisers

When it comes to showcasing handbags and purses, the right storage solution is not just about organization, but also about presentation. The perfect storage option serves a dual purpose: it keeps your collection in pristine condition while also transforming your bags into a statement piece of your decor. Here we bring you the best handbag and purse organizers 2023.

From customized closet spaces with dedicated shelving to innovative display cases that highlight each bag’s design, the world of handbag storage is as varied as the bags themselves. In this introduction to the best handbag and purse storage solutions for display, we will explore the myriad of options available that cater to different spaces, budgets, and styles, ensuring that your treasured accessories are stored in a way that is both practical and visually appealing.

Whether you’re a fashion aficionado with a penchant for designer purses or someone looking for an efficient way to organize a growing collection, the right storage solution can elevate your space and protect your investments in style.

Best Handbag and Purse Organizers 2023

Best Handbag and Purse Organizers 2023

Here we discover the perfect way to showcase your handbag collection with the top storage solutions. Not only do these options keep your bags organized, but they also turn your collection into a part of your home decor, creating an elegant and accessible display.

Mshomely – Acrylic Display Case for Purse/Handbag

best handbag and purse organizers 2023

Among the best handbag and purse organizers on the market, this particular model stands out for its high-quality, transparent acrylic construction, allowing a clear view of the contents from any angle. With generous dimensions of 14.2 by 8.7 by 10.6 inches, it offers ample storage space and versatile stacking options for both regular and taller items, enhancing stability and maintaining the shape of your bags.

Its dustproof yet breathable design ensures that your items remain pristine, while the magnetic door feature makes access a breeze. This multifunctional display case, which also serves as an elegant solution for showcasing various collectibles, is noted for its straightforward assembly process.

It’s an ideal choice for keeping your closet tidy and stylishly organized. If you need assistance or have questions, customer support is readily available.

Zackarla – Acrylic Display Case for Handbags and Purses

best organizers for handbags and purses 2023

This handbag and purse organizer has an ingenious design that includes a detachable partition, enabling layered storage for small items and optimizing space. Notably, these units are stackable, a feature that conserves space and enhances stability through a clever top groove design.

Beyond handbags and wallets, it can also accommodate sunglasses, hats, and even high heels. Its utility extends to showcasing collectibles and keepsakes, offering protection from dust and moisture. The unit’s sleek look adds a touch of sophistication to any closet, bedroom, living room, or entryway, contributing to a clean and elegant home aesthetic.

Ease of use is another benefit, with a front opening door equipped with a magnetic closure for straightforward access. The transparent panels make item identification a breeze. Assembly is user-friendly, supported by clear instructions. Constructed from high-quality ABS+PS materials, it promises longevity and is an excellent choice for anyone seeking additional storage and display options.

Orgidoll – Large Handbag & Purse Display Box

best handbag and purse storage organisers 2023

In search of the best handbag and purse organizers, one standout is a large, versatile organizer that measures 14.2 x 8.7 x 10.6 inches, ideal for maintaining the shape and accessibility of your treasured accessories. This organizer not only keeps your items neatly arranged but also protects them from dust and moisture while allowing ample breathability to prevent color fading or material wrinkling, ensuring your bags retain their original luster and form.

Remarkably user-friendly, the product features a simple, stackable design that’s a breeze to assemble, promising a streamlined look in your closet. Constructed from high-quality, clear acrylic, this durable case showcases your bags from all angles and offers a magnetic door for easy access.

Beyond just handbags and purses, it’s a multi-functional solution for organizing various items, including cosmetics, toys, and collectibles, backed by responsive customer support for any inquiries or issues.

Submatches – Clear Handbag Storage Organizer

best storage for luxury handbags and purses

Designed with high-strength PET material, these organizers allow you to effortlessly spot your accessories from any angle. They’re not only space-savers but also time-savers. Plus, their stackable design with a slot feature ensures stability and maximizes storage, while a dustproof lid keeps your items in pristine condition.

The magnetic doors provide convenience, allowing easy access without having to remove stacked units. Measuring 14.2×8.7×10.6 inches, make sure to check your handbag’s dimensions for a perfect fit. Assembly is a breeze with the included instructions.

These versatile cases are more than just for handbags—they’re great for showcasing luxury goods, shoes, cameras, and collectibles, making your space look orderly and chic.

What to Consider when Buying Handbag and Purse Organizers

What to Consider when Buying Handbag and Purse Organizers for Display

When buying handbag or purse organizers, consider the following factors:

  1. Size and Capacity: Ensure the storage solution fits the space where you intend to place it and can accommodate the number and size of handbags you have. Measure your bags and the space before purchasing.
  2. Visibility: Choose a display that allows you to see each bag clearly, which makes it easier to find the one you want to use. Transparent materials or open shelving are good options.
  3. Accessibility: Consider how easily you can retrieve and put away your handbags. Storage that makes it difficult to access your bags can be inconvenient and may lead to disuse.
  4. Protection: Look for storage solutions that protect your handbags from dust, sunlight, and damage. Consider options with covers or doors if you want to shield your bags from the elements.
  5. Material: The material should be durable and supportive to hold the bags’ weight without warping or breaking. Non-abrasive materials will prevent scratching and damage to your bags.
  6. Aesthetics: Choose a storage solution that complements your room’s decor. Your display should look like it belongs in the space, both in style and color.
  7. Ventilation: Proper airflow will prevent any dampness or mustiness, which is especially important for leather bags.
  8. Modularity: Adjustable shelves or compartments are beneficial because they can be reconfigured as your collection changes.
  9. Maintenance: The storage solution should be easy to clean and maintain.
  10. Budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend. Invest in a quality product that provides the best protection and display for your bags.
  11. Lighting: Integrated lighting can highlight your handbags and make your display more attractive.
  12. Customization: Some storage solutions offer customization options to fit your specific needs and preferences.

By considering these factors, you’ll be able to choose a handbag storage solution that not only displays your collection beautifully but also maintains their shape and condition.

What Are The Different Options for Handbag/Purse Organizers?

What Are The Different Options for Handbag/Purse Organizers

There are many different options available on the market for handbag and purse organizers. Here are some of the most popular:

Open Shelves or Cubbies

Displaying your bags on open shelves or within cubbies can make for an appealing presentation and keeps them easily accessible. You can arrange them by size, color, or brand to create an organized look.

Glass Display Cabinet

A glass-front cabinet not only adds a touch of elegance but also keeps your bags dust-free. It’s a good option for high-end or designer bags that you wish to showcase.

Custom Closet Inserts

Custom inserts with compartments designed to hold handbags can be installed in a closet system. This can be tailored to fit various sizes of bags and often includes a mix of shelves, hooks, or racks.

Wall-Mounted Hooks or Racks

Hooks and racks are a space-saving solution that keeps bags off the floor and can be a part of the room’s decor. They’re especially good for frequently used bags.

Acrylic Stands or Risers

Clear acrylic stands or risers can give your display a clean, modern look and can be found in various sizes to accommodate different bag types.

Storage Boxes with Labels

If you prefer to store your bags away from light and dust, high-quality storage boxes with clear labels can be both protective and stylish. They can be stacked on a closet shelf or under a bed.

Freestanding Coat Rack

A coat rack is an unconventional but effective way to hang and display bags in an entryway or bedroom.

Drawer Dividers

For smaller purses and clutches, drawer dividers can keep them organized and prevent them from getting damaged.

Remember to consider the material of your handbags and purses when choosing a storage solution, as some materials may require more air circulation or protection from sunlight to prevent damage.


What are handbag and purse organizers?

Handbag and purse organizers are insertable items that help keep the contents of a handbag or purse tidy and well-arranged. They often come with a variety of pockets, compartments, and sometimes even removable sections to accommodate different items such as phones, wallets, cosmetics, keys, and other personal items.

Why should I use a handbag or purse organizer?

Using an organizer can help to: Find items quickly, saving time and reducing frustration, switch contents easily between different handbags or purses, protect the interior of your handbag or purse from spills and stains, maintain the shape of your handbag or purse, and efficiently utilize space and reduce clutter.

How do I choose the right organizer for my handbag or purse?

When choosing an organizer, consider:
1. The size and shape of your handbag or purse; the organizer should fit snugly inside.
2. The number and type of items you carry to ensure enough compartments and space.
3. The material, favoring durable and easy-to-clean fabrics.
4. The color and design, if you want the organizer to match or contrast with your bag.

Can handbag and purse organizers damage my bag?

Generally, organizers are designed to protect the interior of your bag. However, choosing an organizer with a soft fabric and smooth edges can further minimize the risk of wear and tear on your handbag or purse.

Are handbag and purse organizers one-size-fits-all?

No, they come in various sizes and configurations to fit a wide range of handbag and purse sizes. It’s important to measure your bag and compare it to the organizer’s dimensions before purchasing.

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