Festive Fun: The Best Board Games for Holiday Cheer

best board games for christmas 2023

As the holiday season approaches, homes are filled with the warmth of family gatherings, the aroma of festive treats, and the twinkling lights of holiday décor. Amidst the hustle and bustle of gift-giving and merrymaking, there’s nothing quite like cozying up with loved ones and indulging in the joy of board games. Here we bring you the best board games for Christmas 2023.

Best Board Games for Christmas 2023

From lighthearted party games to strategic challenges, these tabletop adventures offer a perfect way to connect, laugh, and create lasting memories during the most wonderful time of the year. Here are the best board games for Christmas 2023.

1. Elf: Journey from the North Pole

Best board games for Christmas 2023

Embark on a hilarious adventure with Buddy the Elf as you help him navigate his way from the North Pole to New York City in search of his father. This light-hearted game is filled with fun twists and turns, making it a great choice for families with younger children.

2. Last Christmas

best board games 2023 family

“Last Christmas” is a festive card game perfect for office parties, family gatherings, and creating new memories. Players anonymously fill in cards with personal responses, and then take turns guessing who wrote each one, with the most accurate guesser winning.

The game’s tone can be adjusted to suit all ages, making it either naughty or nice. Its emphasis on secrecy and guessing adds a unique twist to the holiday fun.

3. MONOPOLY: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation edition

best board games for Christmas 2023 family

Experience the hilarity of a classic Christmas comedy with MONOPOLY: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation edition. This engaging game lets you buy, sell, and trade iconic locations from the movie, like Clark’s Lighting Display and the Griswold Family Christmas Tree Site.

Navigate the board with unique tokens like a dry turkey or a chainsaw, while setting up Decorations and accumulating Christmas Spirit. Avoid expensive mishaps like Chemical Toilet Storm Drain fees and Jelly of the Month dues to outlast others in Griswold Bucks and win the game!

4. Scattergories: Holiday Edition

Best board games for Christmas 2023

Put your holiday knowledge and creativity to the test with this festive twist on the classic word game. Challenge your friends and family to come up with unique and hilarious answers to holiday-themed categories, sparking laughter and friendly competition.

5. Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries

Best board games for Christmas 2023

Embark on a railway adventure across the snowy landscapes of Scandinavia in this strategic game of route building. Connect cities, claim routes, and outwit your opponents to become the ultimate railway baron of the Nordic region.

6. 12 Games of Christmas

12 games of Christmas board game

Dive into the ultimate Christmas fun with this all-in-one party game bundle, featuring 12 diverse and hilarious games like Reindeer Antler Ring Toss, Merry Quizmas, and Santa’s Hat. Designed to cater to all ages, it offers a mix of team, solo, action, card, and board games, ensuring endless entertainment for kids, teens, and adults alike.

Whether you prefer energetic activities or quiet brain games, this festive package is perfect for getting everyone into the holiday spirit!

7. Santa Cookie Elf Candy Snowman

Santa Cookie Elf Candy Snowman

“Santa Cookie Elf Candy Snowman” is a festive board game that embodies the spirit of the holiday season. In this game, players take on the roles of various Christmas characters, such as Santa Claus, elves, and snowmen, and engage in a lively race to collect different holiday-themed items like cookies, candies, and gifts.

The board is colorfully decorated with winter scenes and Christmas motifs, making it visually appealing. The game combines elements of strategy and luck, as players navigate the board, overcome obstacles, and outwit their opponents to gather the most holiday items and win the game. It’s a family-friendly game that encourages interaction and is perfect for holiday gatherings.

8. Gingerbread House Game

christmas board game

Unleash your creativity and architectural skills with this delightful game of gingerbread house construction. Gather colorful candies and delectable decorations to create the most impressive gingerbread masterpiece, capturing the essence of holiday baking.

9. Late for the Sky: Christmas-Opoly

Best board games for Christmas 2023

“Late for the Sky: Christmas-Opoly” is a holiday-themed version of the classic Monopoly game, tailored to capture the essence of the Christmas season. In this festive adaptation, players buy, sell, and trade iconic Christmas properties, such as Winter Wonderland, Candy Cane Lane, and Santa’s Workshop, using currency with a holiday twist.

The game features unique Christmas tokens, chance, and community chest cards replaced with seasonal alternatives and holiday-themed challenges. This family-friendly game combines the traditional Monopoly gameplay with a joyful Christmas spirit, making it a perfect addition to holiday gatherings and a fun way for players of all ages to celebrate the season.

10. Christmas Charades

Best board games for Christmas 2023

Bring the classic game of charades to life with a holiday twist. Act out iconic Christmas characters, festive activities, and popular holiday movie scenes, providing hours of laughter and entertainment for the whole family.

These board games offer a delightful mix of holiday cheer, strategic challenges, and lighthearted fun, ensuring that your holiday gatherings are filled with laughter, connection, and lasting memories. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly adventure or a competitive challenge, these tabletop treasures will bring the spirit of the season to life, creating a magical and memorable holiday experience.

Best Video Games for Christmas 2023

Monopoly, as a video game adaptation of the classic board game, has several qualities that make it the ultimate choice as the best video game for Christmas 2023:

  1. Family-Friendly Fun: Monopoly is a game that people of all ages can enjoy. It brings together family members from different generations, making it a perfect choice for holiday gatherings.
  2. Nostalgia and Tradition: The game has a sense of nostalgia and tradition associated with it. Many families have memories of playing Monopoly during the holidays, and a video game version can be a modern twist on this tradition.
  3. Engaging Gameplay: As a video game, Monopoly can offer more dynamic and engaging gameplay than the board version. It can include animations, sound effects, and interactive elements that make the experience more immersive.
  4. Accessibility and Convenience: The video game version can be played on various platforms, making it accessible to a wide audience. It’s also more convenient than setting up a board game, especially in settings where space is limited, like holiday gatherings.
  5. Educational Value: Monopoly teaches basic financial principles and strategy, making it not only fun but also educational. This aspect might appeal to parents looking for games that offer more than just entertainment.
  6. Multiplayer and Online Features: The game can support multiplayer modes, both in-person and online. This allows people to connect and play with family and friends who are not physically present, which is particularly valuable during the holiday season.
  7. Customizability: Video game versions often offer more customization options than the board game. Players might be able to choose different rule sets, boards, and pieces, adding variety to the gameplay.
  8. Seasonal Themes: The game could potentially include special Christmas-themed boards, pieces, and rules, making it a festive choice for the holiday season.
  9. Global Appeal: Monopoly is a globally recognized game, making it a suitable choice for diverse groups of people.
  10. Longevity and Replay Value: The game offers high replay value due to its variable gameplay and strategy, ensuring that it remains enjoyable for many gaming sessions.

For Christmas 2023, a video game version of Monopoly is a hit by combining the charm of the traditional board game with the modern features of video games, catering to a wide range of players while fostering family connections and holiday spirit.

FAQs – Best Christmas Board Games 2023

What are some popular Christmas-themed board games?

Popular Christmas-themed board games include “Santa’s Workshop,” “Christmas Monopoly,” “The Santa Claus Game,” and “12 Days.” These games often feature festive themes, and holiday-related tasks, and are suitable for family play.

How can I make a traditional board game festive for Christmas?

To make a traditional board game festive, you can add Christmas elements such as using holiday-themed pieces, creating special Christmas rules (like giving a gift when you pass a certain point), or playing Christmas music in the background.

Are there any Christmas board games suitable for young children?

Yes, there are many Christmas board games designed for young children. Games like “Spot It! Holiday Edition” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Board Game” are simple, fun, and have themes that appeal to younger players.

What are some good Christmas board games for large families?

For large families, games that support many players are ideal. “Christmas Charades,” “Pictionary: Christmas Edition,” and “Christmas Trivia” can accommodate larger groups and are enjoyable for all ages.

Can I find educational Christmas board games?

Absolutely! There are educational Christmas games that focus on skills like memory, vocabulary, and strategy. “Christmas Bingo” can be educational for younger kids, and “Christmas Scramble” is great for learning new vocabulary.

What are some good Christmas board game gift ideas?

Christmas board games that make great gifts include collector’s editions of classic games with a holiday twist, such as “Christmas Scrabble” or “Winter Wonderland Chess.” Themed games based on popular Christmas movies are also a hit.

Are there any digital or online Christmas board games?

Yes, there are digital versions of Christmas board games available online or as apps. These can include digital adaptations of physical games or unique digital-only Christmas games, which are great for playing with friends and family remotely.

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