Ergatta Introduces Coach AI: Mastering Rowing with Artificial Intelligence

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Ergatta now unveils Coach AI, a pioneering feature designed to transform the way individuals learn and refine their rowing technique. With the integration of computer vision and AI, Coach AI is set to make the highly effective workout of indoor rowing accessible to all skill levels.

Coach AI: Personalized Training at Your Fingertips

While rowing is recognized for its calorie-burning efficiency and joint-friendly motion, many have yet to harness its full potential due to a lack of proper technique.

Coach AI addresses this gap by offering real-time form analysis, tailored feedback, and a suite of instructional content. This innovation makes mastering rowing technique a reality for beginners and seasoned rowers alike.

How Coach AI Works

Accessible via the Ergatta mobile app, Coach AI utilizes your smartphone’s camera to observe and evaluate key aspects of your rowing form, from hand movements to knee alignment. It’s trained on an extensive dataset of rowing strokes to accurately discern correct form from common errors.

Following each session, users receive a Great Form score and detailed insights to help pinpoint areas for improvement, accompanied by targeted drills and tutorials aimed at enhancing technique.

Tom Aulet, Ergatta’s Co-Founder and CEO, highlights the brand’s dedication to making indoor rowing as straightforward as running. “With Coach AI, we’re elevating the rowing experience by converting a complex skill into an appealing, gamified challenge,” he asserts. This tool is expected to demystify rowing, enabling it to become a staple in home fitness routines.

Beta Release and Availability

Coach AI was launched in beta for Ergatta members on December 19, 2023. It will initially be available through the Ergatta mobile app for iOS, with an Android version anticipated in 2024.

The Ergatta Rower and the more compact Ergatta Lite, priced at $2499 and $1499 respectively, are available for purchase on the Ergatta website and are currently shipping across several international markets, with plans for further expansion.

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