Four Seasons Private Jet Experience: Elevating Luxury Travel in 2025

four season private jet experience

Four Seasons, a titan in the luxury hospitality sector, has recently unveiled its 2025 Private Jet Experience itineraries, promising unparalleled adventures from the Maldives’ serene beaches to the expansive Serengeti.

The 2025 lineup, featuring International Intrigue, African Wonders, and World of Adventures, introduces novel destinations and experiences, including an extended private cruise in the Galápagos and a stay at the renowned Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet.

A Journey Beyond the Ordinary: Embracing Authentic Experiences

four season private jet experience

As per a recent guest’s testimonial, Four Seasons has redefined travel with its unique approach that combines luxury with cultural immersion. The Private Jet Experience is designed to make each destination’s culture palpable, providing personal, heartwarming, and unforgettable moments.

Alejandro Reynal, President and CEO of Four Seasons, acknowledges the significance of evolving their travel offerings. The positive feedback underscores the guests’ desire for immersive, seamless, and personalized experiences, driving continual innovation in their services.

2025 Itinerary Highlights

four season private jet experience

International Intrigue: A Cultural Tapestry

Scheduled from July 27 to August 19, 2025, this 24-day journey spans from Seattle to Cap-Ferrat. A guest praises this as the most comfortable way to explore diverse locations while experiencing luxury.

Highlights include a newly renovated stay in Istanbul and culinary adventures in Tokyo, alongside the stunning addition of Cap Ferrat in Southern France.

African Wonders: An Exhilarating Family Adventure

From August 20 to September 1, 2025, this 13-day journey offers families a blend of Africa’s historical and natural marvels. The itinerary promises unique experiences like sunrise balloon flights in the Serengeti and interactive tours in Johannesburg.

World Of Adventures: A Global Odyssey

From September 10 to October 3, 2025, this 24-day expedition crosses four continents, offering adventures in Bali, Marrakech, and the Galápagos. A guest recalls the enriching cultural experiences and exemplary service at each location.

The Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

four season private jet experience

Offering a stress-free travel experience with onboard culinary delights, the Four Seasons Private Jet, a custom-designed Airbus A321neo-LR, includes comprehensive services from luggage handling to ground transfers. Guests are assigned a Private Jet Guest Services Manager and can personalize their itineraries with the help of a Four Seasons concierge.

Limited Spaces for 2024 Itineraries

The Ancient Explorer itinerary, priced at USD 205,000 per person, is available for May 12 – June 4 and August 28 – September 20, 2024. This journey includes stops at iconic UNESCO sites and luxurious stays at Four Seasons properties worldwide.

Discover More About Four Seasons Private Jet Experience

four season private jet experience

For further exploration of these exclusive journeys, interested individuals can follow the #FSJet hashtag on Instagram and visit the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience website. The experience is operated by TCS World Travel, a leader in immersive, luxury jet travel, with aircraft operations by Titan Airways.

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