NOWATCH Unveils Groundbreaking ‘Awareable’ Technology at CES 2024


At CES 2024, NOWATCH is set to showcase its latest advancements, including AI-powered NOWATCH Insights and the elegant Chronos designer timepiece faces. These innovations, revealed at CES Unveiled Las Vegas and the NL Tech Pavilion in Eureka Park, represent a significant step forward in wearable technology, focusing on health and well-being.

NOWATCH Insights: Revolutionizing Health Tracking with AI

Nowatch Health Tracking with AI

The AI-driven NOWATCH Insights feature stands out as a unique offering in the wearable tech market. It combines various data streams into coherent narratives, providing users with personalized daily recaps and tailored recommendations. This AI companion offers versatility in its narrative tone and length, catering to individual preferences for creativity, analysis, care, or directness.

Timothée Manschot, NOWATCH CEO and co-founder, emphasizes the company’s approach to AI as thoughtful and science-based, ensuring the insights are both meaningful and personal.

Tackling the Stress Epidemic with Advanced Technology

Nowatch Health Tracking with AI

Stress, identified by the World Health Organization as the leading health challenge of the 21st century, has significant economic and personal impacts. NOWATCH addresses this through its ‘awareable’ technology, designed to help users remain mindful of their body’s responses without adding to digital distractions or anxiety.

Unlike typical health trackers that can inadvertently increase stress, NOWATCH offers a simple yet powerful solution for stress management and wellness monitoring.

NOWATCH Design: Elegance Meets Functionality

Nowatch Health Tracking with AI

Understanding the importance of aesthetics in wearable technology, NOWATCH offers interchangeable discs made of precious gemstones and polished metal, allowing users to customize the device for different occasions. The introduction of Chronos timepiece watch faces adds another layer of style, giving users the option to switch between a traditional watch and other elegant designs.

NOWATCH also provides a selection of eco-friendly straps made from recycled ocean-bound plastic or Italian bio leather, combining sustainability with sleek design.

Innovative Features of NOWATCH

Innovative Features of NOWATCH
  • Skin Conductance Measurement: Developed in partnership with Philips, this feature measures sweat gland activity to monitor stress levels.
  • Accurate Stress Estimation: NOWATCH distinguishes between physical activity and stress, providing robust stress estimates through heart rate, HRV, skin conductance, and breath rate data.
  • Personalized Vibrations: The device learns the wearer’s biorhythms and can send customized vibrations in response to physiological changes.
  • Individual Stress Fingerprint: NOWATCH recognizes unique stress manifestations in each user, offering personalized stress management strategies.
  • In-App Support: The app includes breathing exercises and lifestyle recommendations, helping users understand and build resilience against stress.
  • Data Privacy Commitment: NOWATCH ensures users have full control over their data, aligning with its belief that data rights are human rights.
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